I DO 30


We were asked to create and activate Novozymes’ first customer-centric campaign with the main purpose of generating engagement and debate around the global climate change and CO2 emissions, among politicians and throughout the general public. Together with Thinkhouse we built an extensive information campaign, a nationwide PR strategy, a social media platform as well as events which aimed to enlighten consumers regarding carbon emissions and global climate change. 


Novozymes is the world leader in biological solutions and constantly works to reduce the CO2 emissions by incorporating innovative biological solutions to their industrial manufacturing processes thereby saving energy, water and raw materials. 

To help create awareness and debate around the topic of carbon emissions and global climate change we created the campaign ”I do 30” which was activated primarily on social media platforms, through an extensive PR Strategy, through events at Roskilde Festival as well as Copenhagen Fashion Week. In cooperation with Danish Fashion Institute, Novozymes urged consumers and fashion professionals to be more bio-inventive and reduce the carbon footprint by lowering the temperature when doing laundry. By utilizing various relevant and influential ambassadors – among these some of Denmark’s leading designers and fashion experts such as Mads Nørgaard, Uffe Buchard, Munthe + Simonsen – the campaign urged consumers to “do 30”.  

An event area was established at the Roskilde Festival, where festival guests had the opportunity to wash their laundry at 30 degrees while enjoying cold beverages. Through this event we were able to disseminate the message of the campaign to the younger audience.


Furthermore, the campaign was activated through several short videos on social media to reach the ordinary consumer, here focusing on the daily house-routines and how washing on only 30 degrees would reduce CO2 emissions. The campaign was backed by a strong PR strategy.  


The “I do 30” campaign reached thousands of Danes, and we managed to create engagement and debate around the topic of global climate change and CO2 emissions. The main message of the campaign: “If every household in Europe lowered the washing temperatures to 30 degrees for just one year, we could save 12 million tons of CO2” was communicated nationwide in newspapers, print, online magazines, TV, radio as well as some of the top fashion blogs in Denmark.