As Opel Denmark’s PR agency, we were asked to develop a PR and influencer strategy to accompany a digital branding campaign. The German carmaker has been facing a gap between their current innovative and award winning product launches and how the consumers perceive Opel today. Simply, they have identified a need for talking to those, who do not have Opel as their preferred brand. Especially the younger target group of social climbers and mainly men aged 25-40 years old and the family segment. In order to create a relevant campaign to that specific target group, Opel Denmark decided to base the campaign on their latest car launch; The Astra Sports Tourer (a station wagon).


To understand our PR & influencer strategy, it is crucial to understand the solution created by the advertising agency - Ride Comfortably – The Astra Sports Tourer Collection – a brand-building campaign activity that was built upon a study by a Danish hospital, which indicates that Danish men have seemingly less of the male sex hormone than they had fifty years ago. Unfortunately, the declining level of testosterone can result in a lower confidence. This really caught Opel Denmark’s interest, as they know that it takes a lot of a man to buy his first station wagon – e.g. the Astra Sports Tourer, which Opel launched earlier this year. Therefore, the advertising agency came up with a campaign consisting of several elements to create buzz about the campaign:


  • A micro web page
  • A campaign film on Youtube (hero element)
  • GIFs and images (for social media)
  • A specially designed collection of free underpants with features inspired from the new Astra Sports Tourer



To accompany the different campaign elements, we choose to focus on classic PR combined with an influencer programme and social media approach. Different press releases with tailored messages depending on the media and industry were created and sent out. Simultaneously, we handpicked 9 Danish influencers, both men and women, and asked them to individually interpret the main messages of the campaign. More specifically they were asked to create 3-6 pieces of content for their different channels (online and social media) including use of the campaign film, different assets produced for Ride Comfortably – The Astra Sports Tourer Collection, and of course the specially designed underpants that were delivered to all influencers. The campaign ran for approximately two weeks, why the content created by influencers were distributed throughout the full campaign period. In parallel with that, we ran Opel Denmark’s own social media channels with tactical messages from the campaign. 


Overall, the digital branding campaign created a lot of buzz – a different kind of buzz compared to more traditional car campaigns presented by Opel Denmark. Mentions about Ride Comfortably – The Astra Sports Tourer Collection were spread across news, trade and lifestyle media, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and YouTube.  

More specifically, the analysis of the campaign concerning PR, influencers and social media shows that:

  • Total PR value (worldwide): DKK. 3.463.100
  • Danish influencers shared a total number of posts on Instagram, Facebook and blogs: 30
  • Danish Influencers reached more than: +900 K.
  • Total video views on Facebook and Instagram: 912 K.