Dear Clients, Family and Friends!

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Dear Clients, Family and Friends!

Dear Clients,
Family and Friends,

What a
year! It’s been fun, fast and at times frustrating – but it all came together
and we can now look back at an absolutely fantastic 2015.

We’ve worked
on so many great campaigns, but one stands out. In 2015 we won the tender for
the 100 year celebration for Women’s equality and right to vote. A campaign
with a message so close to our hearts.  

The tender was given by the
Danish Government and the Ministry for Children, Equality, Integration and
Social Affairs. The government wanted the celebration to actualize what
equality, democracy and community participation mean to the individual

We built the
campaign, together with Thinkhouse, from the bottom up with the development of
the idea, concept, planning, PR, marketing and the execution of the celebration
of the 100th anniversary of women's right to vote and stand for election.
Read more about the campaign here:

We brought in 100 ambassadors
who made 100 speeches. We can’t thank the 100 ambassadors enough for bringing
attention to this special birthday – THANK YOU for all your hard work, your enthusiasm
and willingness to share the message with your friends and followers. Because
of you, 2 out of 3 Danes are aware that in 2015 we celebrated the 100th
anniversary of women's right to vote. That’s
quite impressive, we think.

a very special thank you to all our great clients – we love working with you
and your fantastic companies. We are very proud to continue into 2016 with all
of you and to have added a couple more clients to the family in 2016.  Wow, we’ve had some fun meetings and great
successes in 2015.

but never least, thank you to our wonderful colleagues and our work families; Thinkhouse
and our new friends from work, FFW. It’s been fun, let’s kill it in 2016!

very merry Christmas to you all and remember to party in true Think manner for
New Years!

the best,



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