This week’s favorite reads

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This week’s favorite reads

Oh yes,
it’s finally that time of the week!

So far, 2015
has been a big year for paid social media. With paid social evolving so
quickly, which trends should brands pay attention to? Which ones can have
the greatest impact on advertisers’ bottom lines? Here are the four trends
marketers who work with paid advertising won’t want to miss:

People assess an individual's worth with appearance, apparels, apartment,
and automobile not with account or unseen wealth that is accumulating in the
bank or equity market. Same applies to businesses,
branding attracts target audience more than the balance sheet of a company,
that's why smart businesses never overlook Public Relations (PR) in today's
highly competitive world for effective branding and image building. In fact, PR
is even more crucial for the enterprises than fund raising in the current

This is why businesses should adopt PR
to adapt changes and adept branding:

The cost of unhappy customers - Fifty-one percent of customers have switched
brands due to bad service experiences, and 81 percent of them say the brand
could have prevented it. Here are some tips to step up your customer service

Let’s wrap
it up with a quote:

“I don't care what they say about
me as long as they spell my name right.” –Unknown

Have a
great weekend!



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