How to Perfect Your Instagram Game As a Small-Business Owner

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How to Perfect Your Instagram Game As a Small-Business Owner

200 million people visit a business profile on Instagram every day.

Everybody knows the potential of Instagram. This platform is replacing older marketing platforms like a newspaper or TV channel. You can reach a large audience without any money spent, given that you have the skills. Like a writer needs to be skilled with his words, grammar and concept, an Instagrammer needs certain skills.

If you ever tried to post on Instagram only to get no traction, you aren’t alone. This is the story of most businesses that try Instagram. Without a commitment to improve and learn the platform, you will quit too early. The attitude of “Let me see if it works” doesn’t work. You have to make it work.

The lack of results on Instagram is not a problem of the platform but a problem of your creative skills. You can’t post random photos and expect them to trend. You need to create eye-candy content that makes the mindless people stop scrolling.

Let’s step into the shoes of your buyer for a minute. An average person with a job, who is probably stressed out. They are scrolling to forget their misery. Now, how would they feel if they saw your ill-taken product photo? People on Instagram hate businesses, the same way you hate telemarketers or a door to a door salesperson.

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