Your Quick & Dirty 2021 Content Checklist

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Your Quick & Dirty 2021 Content Checklist

Lately, it feels like 2015 again - content is the hot new marketing buzzword again.

This makes a lot of sense; all marketing is digital now, and digital marketing just doesn’t work well without great content. And every marketing leader on earth needs to focus on developing their team’s content muscle if they want to thrive.

With the pandemic raging across the world, it’s likely that in-person events aren’t coming back until the end of 2021. Even if a vaccine is rolled out at scale in the first half of the year, it’ll be some time before we can safely pack convention centers again.

In-person events make up over 20 percent of B2B marketing budgets on average, and upwards of 50 percent inside many organizations. Smart marketing leaders are planning to shift that budget to content; according to LinkedIn, a whopping 78 percent plan to up their investment in content.
Content from brands is going to get better as a result. And everyone is going to have to up their game to stand out.

The smartest will reevaluate their media budgets, and reinvest some of that spend in content to up their effectiveness overall. After all, great content lowers your cost-per-click (CPC) and cost-per-lead (CPL), and spreads awareness, trust, and affinity for your brand.

Starting today, every marketing leader should have this checklist in their head.


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