PROUD to be number 2!

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PROUD to be number 2!

The Danish marketing trade media has done the math and made a Top 10 over the Danish advertising-, digital-, design- and PR agencies and their social channels and amount of followers. We are PROUD to come in as number 2 in total amongst all the Danish agencies and as number 1 on Twitter!

We may be small, but we’re still a specialist agency!

Jan Christiansen, Chief Sales Officer at Newsio and former country manager for Facebook in Denmark and Nordic Head of Social with Bates Y&R doesn’t have much appraisal for the Danish agencies work on social - and he is right, we can do much better. But this quote from Jan we cannot let pass:  
”Think PR is the agency among the 10 that best has managed to position itself as thought leader …”

Thank you, we’re working on it!

Read the article here: (Danish only)


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