Tips for encouraging employees to share brand messages

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Tips for encouraging employees to share brand messages

Your workers are key ambassadors for your brand, especially on social media. However, you must provide clear guidelines to ensure the right message comes through online.

One scroll down your social media feeds and you’ll notice that even though many brands strive for a personal approach on their social media profiles, they fail to achieve that goal or secure a genuine connection with their audience.

In fact, 90% of brands use social media platforms to increase their visibility on the market. Their tone is right, the content visually appealing—but their audiences are mainly comprised of millennials and Gen Z, generations that seek out proof that brands are truly what they claim to be.

No matter how approachable the companies appear on social media platforms, by solely focusing their social media marketing strategy on the company’s official profiles, they are missing out on one trick sure to help them connect with their audiences in a genuine way. The secret lies in including their employees’ social media profiles in the company’s social media marketing plan, thus creating the “proof” that the company truly practices what it preaches.

So, what should leaders focus on when coaching employees to organically communicate with customers on social channels? Read the tips on PR Daily.


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