How 6 Social Media Networks Have Changed in the Last Decade

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How 6 Social Media Networks Have Changed in the Last Decade

At the beginning of 2020, millions of social media users took part in a #TenYearChallenge which encouraged them to post one photo of themselves from ten years ago up against a photo of themselves today.

But while the #TenYearChallenge showed us how much our friends have changed, have you ever wondered how much your favorite brands have changed?

As a social media user, looking back to see how the platforms you've used every day have changed can feel fun and nostalgic. As a marketer, looking at the evolution of these platforms can also give you insight into how the overall social media industry and internet trends have matured and how they might continue to pivot in the future.

In this blog post, marks the beginning of a new decade by venturing back in time to 2010 and showing you ten-year comparisons of six of the oldest and most popular social media platforms.
While this post might be a blast from the past, it will also show you just how much the way we connect and share online has changed, and give you hints about where it might go next: 


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