How to launch a hotel in 2020

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How to launch a hotel in 2020

Times are changing - Are you ready, hotelier?

Be Aware of Your Newest Competitor – The Consumer Brand

Consumer brands that see the passion and spending of travelers are taking the leap. These brands are becoming hotel proprietors in greater numbers to reach out to millennials, who see travel as a lifestyle experience. Expect more retailers to invade the hospitality space.

Hotel Loyalty
Hotel loyalty is no longer just about earning points for hotel stays.
Today, forward-thinking brands are extending loyalty “beyond the stay” through a savvy mix of partnerships, unique experiences, and new opportunities to earn from daily spending.

Millennial Travel: Going Up Against the Short-Term Rental Ecosystem
Short-term rental ecosystems like Airbnb are booming and offer more and more services. Expect further brand-driven professionalization, more outside investment and vendor consolidation. The game will step up.
The traditional hospitality sector will need to strengthen their brand identity. Also, brand recognition is moving from online platforms, which will continue to push their brands to attract customers, to on-the-ground branding.

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