Four Work Trends that Should be Keeping You Up at Night

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Four Work Trends that Should be Keeping You Up at Night

By 2025, Millennials are going to make up 75% of the US workforce, and that’s creating a dramatic change in the way Boomers and Gen-Xers must manage. The good news is that Millennials bring unique strengths to their work—creativity, drive, and a technological aptitude—but some of their needs are presenting challenges to managers. For instance, they are demanding more individual coaching and feedback, more focused career development, and more recognition for their achievements—and most organizations have not made the shift to meet those needs.

The best managers are discovering that when they truly understand their employees’ motivations and begin to sculpt jobs to help Millennials feel purpose and growth, and they can cut younger worker turnover. In our latest book The Best Team Wins, we quote placement executives with the Harvard Business School who say today firms recruiting their MBAs have a huge competitive advantage when they emphasize a real commitment to helping younger workers develop their careers—and then following through, of course. After all, it usually takes years to affect an employee’s compensation in a meaningful way. And yet what every manager can do is help their people learn and grow.

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