Friends pay Friends

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Friends pay Friends

By Karin
Noergaard, Founder

Freebies coming your way! ...No, not
really. But I bet you're giving them away - right?

‘Oh no. We
invoice our hours; we are very clear about that’. Yeah, sure you do.

Friends pay friends

But how
about that coffee you grabbed with your friend who just got that new job in
that big company and just wanted a few pieces of advice? You know, that hour where
you gave it all away, all that great advice you have worked hour after hour,
year after year to master to perfection.

I bet you
even threw in a few media contacts per email afterwards. But she was a friend,
you know. A good friend, you couldn’t really refuse to answer when she asked so
politely. Or could you?

Sure you can
and you should. How about ‘That’s a really good question, and I would love to
give you the whole insight on this and a few ‘to do’s’ to push you in the right
direction. But to keep it serious, since this is what I do for a living, maybe
I should come by your office one day and we could talk about how you can use my
knowledge for a fair hourly fee’?

Best vs. cheapest

And what’s
up with you invoicing pennies from the clients that actually have the money to
pay? You know what I’m talking about. That high profile client that for sure
will attract many more clients who – of course – will pay more money than you
can ever spend. So actually it’s an investment in your business, so the pennies
you get are kind of an extra bonus, ‘cause all of the high profile clients will
come running, just as soon as they see what a fantastic job you are doing for
Mr. High-Profile-penny-paying-time-stealing-ignorant.

No. Never.
The clients that pay pennies are never worth it. They talk the talk, but NEVER
walk the walk. The only walking they’ll be doing is to the next agency who’ll
give it away for pennies. There will be no referrals, no thanks and definitely
no respect.

You are
great, you work hard and you among the best- so how about this for a referral;
‘She really good, but also a little expensive’. Will that keep clients away –
no! Everyone wants the best, so from now on; you will be the best not the


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