What is better? Having 100 Customers or 10 Loyal Customers

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What is better? Having 100 Customers or 10 Loyal Customers

One bad experience is what your competitors wait for you to build. That’s because 4 out of 10 consumers end up sharing their experience with others, recommending them to not to buy from your brand. So, you not only lose that one customer but four more!

Now, that being said, this deluge of too many options can also prove to be an exhausting process of exploration at one point. Due to this, a lot of buyers stick around as regular customers happily. That’s because companies are willing to go above and beyond by creating a fantastic experience. Thus, taking care of people who buy from you is the most bankable way to retain customers.

Before thinking about ways to build a pool of loyal customers, it is important to understand what this ‘loyalty’ means in true earnest. It may seem like a no-brainer – customer loyalty means having a pool of buyers who return to your business, time and again, to make new or repeat purchases. But does customer loyalty simply manifest itself on the sales chart? Read more on Crowdfire: http://bit.ly/2kAnGzm


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