5 Ways to Level Up Your Media Strategy for Global Sporting Events

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5 Ways to Level Up Your Media Strategy for Global Sporting Events

Learn how to create impactful campaigns in time for the 2020 Summer Multisport Games.

The Summer Multisport Games are one of the world’s most popular sporting events, and an unmissable marketing moment for brands across the globe. With the hype and anticipation surrounding the events, people will be sharing their moments, photos and stories in ways that are newly possible—unlocking a new world of opportunities for marketers, media planners and creative teams.

On Facebook’s family of apps—Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp—the conversations surrounding the Summer Multisport Games go far beyond sports to cover apparel, retail, telecom, music, entertainment and more. While these create ample opportunities for brands to stand out by doing something different, some choose to simply increase their budgets, spread ads across formats and hope for the best.

“In a global sporting event of this scale, a spray and pray approach is not viable,” said Sakhee Dheer, who leads digital marketing for Asia-Pacific Global Business Marketing at Facebook. “Brands should aim to be thumb-stopping. Don’t underestimate the power of visual and creative storytelling when planning your media strategy. A combination of good creative, interesting storytelling and appropriate media choices help drive the most impact.”

Elevate your media strategies for global sporting events with these 5 tips from Facebook Business: http://bit.ly/2WC67AL


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