How to have productive workplace arguments

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How to have productive workplace arguments

You won’t always agree with pivotal decisions at your organization, but how you react to disagreements can either promote or undermine future collaboration.

For communicators, it’s important to know how to have a helpful argument with your colleagues.

Whether you disagree with the goals of a specific campaign, have reservations about the tone of a social media message, or feel excluded from the decision-making process, PR pros have to fight for their beliefs. However, constant antagonism can have a detrimental effect on group dynamics and professional relationships.

So, how can you still have the important argument—but make sure the conversation is productive?

This infographic from offers guidelines for how to have a healthy disagreement with your colleagues.

Top insights include:
• You know trouble is brewing. Address the problem quickly with a scheduled meeting, and make sure to gather sufficient evidence supporting your position.
• Avoid blame. A common tactic is to use “I” language instead of “you” statements. Do your best not to put people on the defensive.
• Follow up. Once the argument has occurred, smooth things over—offering an apology, if necessary—and continue to collect data from stakeholders.

To learn more about how to handle tough conversations in the workplace, read the full infographic:


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