4 tips for optimizing your newsjacking opportunities

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4 tips for optimizing your newsjacking opportunities

If you snooze, you lose. Have your virtual antennae up at all times and cultivate a rapport with journalists so you can respond quickly—and with the ideal pitch—to breaking events.

Attaching your organization or a company leader to a news story can grab media attention.

Reporters are always looking for insightful and credible sources to offer background information for pieces on the particular industry and topics they cover. A savvy PR pro knows how to connect their client with a reporter as a story unfolds to maximize coverage potential.

However, a poorly timed pitch will only irk the reporter, who might have been able to use your source a couple of hours prior, but now can only click “delete.”

Here are four rules for PR pros to live by. Read them on PR Daily: http://bit.ly/2UbKFBx


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