7 signs your audience hates your engagement strategy

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7 signs your audience hates your engagement strategy

Your content marketing plan is a big investment of time and resources. What are the signs that your efforts and money are misplaced or mismanaged?

Your online marketing efforts should be focused on engaging your reader.
You write, share, curate and promote content with the goal of increasing engagement. Then, when you get that engagement, you endeavor to respond to it correctly.

Content marketing only works when people respond to your content in a positive way. So, what happens if your engagement campaign leads to crickets, eyerolls or decidedly negative responses?

Here are seven signs that you should rethink your audience engagement strategy:

1. Your surveys and other content aren’t getting responses.
It’s one thing to have a post go ignored, or a social media update that doesn’t get much attention. That happens to the most successful brands. However, if you’re reaching out directly to your audience with surveys, polls or other direct queries, and getting no response, this is a clear sign that your style isn’t connecting.

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