Why Timing Is Key For A Successful PR Campaign

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Why Timing Is Key For A Successful PR Campaign

This post was written by Victoria Stunt of the Publicize Newsroom.

When entrepreneurs make a company announcement, they naturally want to shout it from the hilltops. And after a long upward climb, some feel a loud, hurried exposition is warranted.
But not so fast: there’s beauty to a strategically timed PR campaign. Companies need to keep a close eye on the clock to make sure they time initial media outreach, follow-up emails and social media shares just right.

If not, a company could come across as irrelevant. So how should companies plan their PR campaigns to ensure they don’t jump the gun? Or worse yet, miss out on the race completely.

Send out a press release only when your company is ready

You have one chance to catch a journalist’s eye with an announcement. So, you need to make sure you present a powerful enough story.

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