What is the real ROI from media coverage?

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What is the real ROI from media coverage?

This post was written by Craig Corbett of the Publicize Newsroom.

The early development stages of any company are generally characterized by skeleton teams, and tight budgets. Growing enterprises tend to dedicate all of their time and energy into expanding their client base and continually improving their product or service with the limited resources available to them.

Due to their limited budgets, many startups view PR as an expensive perk which is outside of their means. Extra cash is generally pumped into ‘more essential spends’ like advertising or new hires. Two common concerns that we hear from clients during our on-boarding process are “ are we ready for PR?” and “can we afford this at this time?”.

Having clear media goals for your campaign is extremely important. There are multiple benefits to gaining media coverage for your company, ranging from improving your social proof to increased traffic to your website. However, for companies who are on the fence about whether they can afford/need a PR campaign, more often than not, it comes down to the bottom line: “Will a PR campaign increase sales and push my company forward?”

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