PR metrics and analytics: 10 trends to watch in 2019

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PR metrics and analytics: 10 trends to watch in 2019

Inadequate measurement has long plagued public relations.
PR, however, is adapting, as more PR pros are mastering measurement. With new tools and a greater awareness of the importance of metrics, PR pros have gained greater recognition for their value to the organization.

Here’s what to expect as 2019 beckons:
Less emphasis on measuring views, more emphasis on conversions. Savvy PR pros understand that conversions take precedence over metrics that track views. “Likes,” followers, blog comments will see a lower priority.
Impressions, a common PR and marketing metric, will fall out of favor due to its limited value. Impressions represent the number of potential viewers, and those viewers needn’t see the content to be counted as an impression. In addition, some PR agencies apply multipliers, which can produce outrageously high figures.

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