What makes us love brands?

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What makes us love brands?

Brands represent the cultivation of what could be. The brands we choose or champion are an expression of our better selves, kind of like a kaleidoscope that lets us see ourselves achieving all of our goals and desires. Attractiveness, achievements – these are a few of the things beloved brands help us see in ourselves. So, it makes sense then, that wearing a pair of Lorna Jane active yoga pants says that we value self-love and wellness, while buying an Apple computer says that we are learning more about the world around us, while contributing to it, too. This is why key messaging is of such importance – it helps us articulate what we wish for ourselves, and how the brand can satisfy that desire.

Brands are successful when they align with our world views, reiterating what we know to be true through both product and service. Consumers attach meaning to brands that speak as one unified voice that ‘hormone free chicken makes us healthier’ or ‘motorcycles scream adventure’. Brands win over buyers because they excel at representing our definition of the truth and telling stories that we can nod in agreement with.

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