5 Social Media Trends CMOs Need To Keep Their Eyes On

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5 Social Media Trends CMOs Need To Keep Their Eyes On

CMOs need to possess a wide range of skill sets in order to be effective. Okay, that ends the ridiculously-obvious portion of our show.  

The fact is it’s no longer enough to be a Madison Avenue creative thinker who doesn’t know the ins and outs of social media, or understand the power of high-converting digital marketing funnels. What was once considered “niche knowledge” in the world of marketing has become essential to building a well-rounded marketing mix. And for CMOs, specifically, this means taking the time to master (or at least become proficient) in all types of marketing.

With so many new marketing trends emerging in today’s digital landscape, Steve Olenski sat down with Jonathan Foley, the founder of @Positivity and @Societyfeelings, and CEO of WULF Marketing, to discuss where CMOs should be focusing their efforts. Foley has extensive experience building massive social audiences, and says CMOs need to pay attention to the following five trends:

1. The “free exposure” social media window has closed and brands have to accept it.

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