Are you treating your customers right?

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Are you treating your customers right?

When talking about customer support, the first and most important thing to highlight is that customer support is not the same as customer service. Yes, both terms have the common goal of helping customers solve their problems and make better-informed decisions. Unlike customer service, customer support also functions as part of sales, tech support and customer success.

Your customers’ experience
Customer experience is crucial for every company. Not to mention that up to 90% of customers quit doing business with a company due to a bad experience! This is why companies are now investing more time, money and effort into building a quality customer support system. The customer support’s goal is not only to solve complications but also to acquire, retain or upsell.

Customer support is not just a reaction to a problem, it’s an ongoing process where the support team wants to satisfy customer needs, understand the problem, provide a solution, and finally, improve customer experience in general. But, what’s with customer expectations? This is the digital age where everything and everyone is connected. This means that customers are expecting you as a company to be the best you can be because they have probably already heard about a lot of companies that have rocked their customer world.

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