A Step-By-Step Guide To Perfect Content Distribution Strategy

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A Step-By-Step Guide To Perfect Content Distribution Strategy

Are you wondering why no one notices your blogs even after all the efforts and money you pool into creating it? You are not alone. As per latest research, only 50% of the web content that gets created is shared and consumed significantly. So what are you missing out on? The answer is a secret strategy called content distribution strategy. A content distribution strategy is a sure shot success way to bring more traffic to your content.

Let us consider this scenario, Sangeetha is a freelance content writer and has renowned clients from all over the country. She writes content and submits it to the client. Then hardly pays attention to where her content is going or even if its getting published anywhere. She manually keeps on creating worthwhile content. Here, Sangeetha is at a huge loss because she:

• Doesn’t know where her content is going – whether used or sold

• Can’t pitch to new clients because she has no proof backing her as such

• Tirelessly keeps on creating content thus diverting her energies only in one direction instead of promoting it as well.  

The moral here is, when you do not market your content, which could be a classic bouquet of creative infographics, attractive visuals, and quality content, you will go through the same pothole of unawareness just like Sangeetha!  

To begin with, you need a great content distribution strategy in place and this is exactly what we are looking forward to sharing with you: A foolproof, step-by-step guide to content distribution strategy. What Is Content Distribution Strategy? Read more on PayUmoney: http://bit.ly/2rqzxA6


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