9 Counterintuitive Steps for a Killer Presentation (Step 6 is Tough)

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9 Counterintuitive Steps for a Killer Presentation (Step 6 is Tough)

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…

Many years before George Lucas’s neck began consuming his head, he and his partner, Gary Kurtz, set about creating a “space opera” which would become Star Wars.

It was many years before the outline, and subsequent drafts, became the finished product which made it to movie theaters on May 25, 1977.

In the years between 1971 and 1977 the movie morphed significantly from the original concept. The original plan saw Han Solo as a frog and the dark side of the force named “The Bogan.” Over time, with reviews and re-drafts, these things changed. And the movie was all the better for it (although it would have been kind of cool for Australians to be able to say bogans were the dark side of the force).

Despite the absense of Bogans, the movie release was a smash hit success and spawned a franchise that would capture the imagination of generations.

The point is, for the movie to be a success many reviews and re-drafts were required.

For the movie to be a success, Lucas knew exactly where the story was going before any of the actors uttered their first line.

Your presentation is the same.

While you don’t have 8 years to review and re-draft your presentation, your presentation’s success relies on the preparation you do before you get on stage. Read the tips on Presentationblogger.com: http://bit.ly/2HHb1Es


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