The most important media and PR trends for 2018

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The most important media and PR trends for 2018

What are the emerging marketing and PR trends for 2018? Robert Wynne from Forbes collected insights from industry leaders to get the scoop.

Nostradamus. The Amazing Kreskin. John Edward. The Psychic Friends Hotline.

If we want to know the next-generation trends in the media and public relations, we could consult famous prognosticators and psychics via Ouija boards, telekinetic thoughts, emails or laying of hands. Or we could do it the right way by contacting our friendly neighborhood PR professional.

Reaching out via the spiritual universe, Robert Wynne spoke to some of the best minds in PR today to find out what’s coming next. Unlike other columns about the future with predictions based on 2016 giving us insights about trends that are already here — People are using social media? No way! — Robert asked these Seers of Spin to look towards 2018, and beyond. Many of these PR pros responded directly to us, and others with unique expertise were found on the web. From Artificial Intelligence to Fake News, content marketing to client communications, here’s what the futurists predict for the communications industry:


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