The SEO Factors You're Probably Ignoring

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The SEO Factors You're Probably Ignoring

If you want to build something that lasts, you start with the foundation. A roof isn’t installed without solid framework. A garden isn’t planted in soil that isn’t fertilized. But when brands aim to build SEO into their content strategy, they don’t always ensure that the backend of their site is as strong as the stories they want to produce.

Last summer, SEMRush produced a study on the most impactful ranking factors. The data showed that using exact keywords on a page didn’t offer the same SEO value as other engagement-driven factors.

These insights suggest that publishing engagement content is more important than optimizing the technical aspects of your site. That’s true to an extent, mostly for well-known sites that get plenty of backlinks. But for a lot of sites, this isn’t the reality. In those cases, the structural integrity of your blog or company page is crucial. If you set up your site carefully and effectively, then you make it so much easier to reap the benefits if your content starts to drive serious engagement.

Most people are familiar with keywords, backlinks, and bounce rate. But if you really want to master SEO, here are 5 factors worth exploring on Contently:


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