Social Media is making Your Business Fail

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Social Media is making Your Business Fail

Your business is failing because you’re on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Medium, Pinterest, LinkedIn, this, that, something over there and maybe even a WordPress blog.

Guidebook jungle

‘Social media can help grow you business’; ‘Facebook is a start-up must’, ‘Social reputation comes before advertising’. All those articles popping up everywhere are making you desperately download and read through any guides with ‘10 tips for Facebook pages’, ‘when’s the best time to tweet’, ’How to get followers’ and many more.

Besides reading all the good advice you need to know how to manage every site, find or develop great, entertaining yet clever content and update every single site every single day with different content – and in the weekends too.

Every guide you have ever read, which would sum up to around 200, says that the worst social media blunder is to update too little and too boring content – oh, don’t forget too much content is also wrong and never ever just retweet Mashable because absolutely everyone does that.

You need to find content that has never been published before but still is relevant and great. Even better - write your own, share you knowledge, preferably in the form of an easy to-do-guide with 5 simple steps or through a podcast.

While you’re tending to your social media

So you’re up all night, because your workday is too short, reading all the guides. You’re creating those great blog posts summing up everything everyone else is saying, but in a new and compelling way of course, just waiting for new clients to discover your knowledge and great wit.

At the same time your current clients are rolling their eyes and slamming the door behind them when leaving, because as amusing as your last Facebook post was, it didn’t measure up to all the jobs you left hanging while learning how to measure social media ROI.

In other words - there are not enough business hours in the world to learn everything about every single social media site. You will never, ever be able to do it all by yourself.

So pick one social media, an easy one that you actually like, do it the best you can and that will be good enough.

And if your business wasn’t failing for spending all your time on social media, you should hire a community manager. Now that’s a good investment.


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