The rise of the lean, green PR machine

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The rise of the lean, green PR machine

New agile business models are bringing the era of wasteful practices in PR to a close, but what does the lean principle mean for our industry?

In manufacturing, waste is defined as any activity that does not add value from a client’s perspective. In contrast, lean production is the term applied to a strategic process that minimises waste while maximising efficiency.

New technology and workflow processes are helping manufacturers produce higher quality products at significantly lower costs - all the while tailoring each item to individual customer requirement.
This is not a mass-produced ‘one size fits all’ approach, nor is it a pure cost-cutting drive.

Similarly, proactive PR companies have realised that lean principles can allow them to remain laser-focussed on the client, while retaining their competitive edge, boosting their green credentials and improving the work-life balance of their employees.

Spending tens of thousands on expensive office space is wasteful, for instance, and unnecessary.

Quite frankly, clients don’t want to visit PR offices - more often than not PR people visit them, or take them out for a meal or drinks.

Vanity PR offices not only add very large overheads to a business that ultimately clients have to pay for, but also come with the expectation that all employees must travel into work and be a permanent feature in the office.

It’s nearly 2018 - highly cost-effective, powerful and secure technology exists for teams to work remotely from carefully thought-out home offices. Video conferencing, cloud drives, streamlined press distribution technology, and advanced design platforms add value for PR companies and their clients.


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