How Time Inc. Became a Media Company Built on Data

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How Time Inc. Became a Media Company Built on Data

Time Inc., the publisher of the most iconic magazine covers of the 20th Century, is in the business of sending shockwaves throughout the media. From Ellen Degeneres coming out to detailed images of the 9/11 attack to the 2017 anointment of President Trump as “Person of the Year,” Time has slapped some of history’s most controversial issues on its cover.

As a media company, Time Inc. remains committed to backing those covers with hard-hitting stories. In the last decade, it has also developed a substantial advertising arm. It’s content studio, The Foundry, offers brands access to the same kind of talent and tools that power the newsroom. And all of The Foundry’s efforts are supported by vast troves of consumer data that help the creative process.

I recently spoke with Judith Hammerman, VP of global data commercialization at Time Inc., to learn more about the relationship between data and content inside the company. During our interview, Hammerman touched on the impact of targeting, why artificial intelligence could help publishers, and what advantage Time has over Facebook and Google.
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