5 Simple Steps to Step Up Your Media Relations Game....

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5 Simple Steps to Step Up Your Media Relations Game....

Unless you've been arrested, reporters aren't interested in your
company. Once you understand that, you can make a plan.

Mainstream media has a public relations problem.

A recent Suffolk University/USA
survey found that the media has a lower favorable rating than the
President. Adding to that negative perception is a recent Harvard-Harrispoll that showed two-thirds of Americans believe that
mainstream media is packed with fake news, signifying an all-time low in public
trust of news organizations.

Perception is reality and the reality is that the media is bogged down
in a serious credibility crisis.  

However, print, broadcast and online media are still important channels
for business owners and entrepreneurs to try and leverage, especially in light
of the fact that despite these trust issues, more than
three-quarters of consumers still rely on their preferred news outlets

Given this duality, here are some insights to help marketers convey
their messages via media outlets. http://bit.ly/2y8DbjU


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