How Facebook Could Force Brands to Pivot to Video

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How Facebook Could Force Brands to Pivot to Video

According to new data analysis from BuzzSumo, Facebook could eventually force all companies to invest in video, meaning those that get comfortable with the medium now would have a distinct advantage over everyone else. As BuzzSumo director Steve Rayson points out, there are three major trends we should all pay attention to:

1. Since January, the average number of engagements on Facebook posts from brands and publishers dropped by more than 20 percent.
2. During that same period, engagement on video posts from brands and publishers held fairly steady while engagement on posts with images and links fell significantly.
3. The average video post now receives twice as much engagement as all other posts.

We’ve seen this type of action before. Facebook introduces gradual changes that limit organic reach and push brands and publishers to respond in ways that benefit the platform. First, Instant Articles were given priority in the News Feed over links that took users to external sites. Then, native video started getting better engagement than links to clips on YouTube and Vimeo. Facebook Live bullied away competitors like Snapchat and Periscope. This latest move tells brands and publishers they’d be silly not to invest in video at the expense of written articles, photography, and other visual content like infographics.

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