How Personalization Is Changing Content Marketing

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How Personalization Is Changing Content Marketing

Back in 2015, technology market researcher Gartner published a statistic that sent waves throughout the marketing world: By 2018, companies that have “fully invested in all types of personalization” will outsell companies that have not by 20 percent.

Twenty percent is a big number, one that could mean the difference between beating your competitors and going out of business. While Gartner’s thesis won’t be tested for another year, there’s no denying that personalization is already having a dramatic effect on how companies do business.
Digital services like Amazon and Netflix are famous for placing personalization at the center of their products—programmatically generated “Recommendations for You” are everywhere. Retail and CPG companies from Walmart to True&Co to Glossier have also made personalization a critical part of their present and future. The technology has even gained some traction in the B2B space, particularly with the rise of account-based marketing (ABM). According to a DemandWave study, 29 percent of B2B marketers use personalization, and 49 percent find it effective.
Personalization technology typically applies to optimizing the customer journey on a website or in campaigns; content—as the “atomic unit” of marketing”—undergirds all of it. So how are content marketers adapting to the personalization push? Read more:


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