25 Reasons To Hire A Publicist

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25 Reasons To Hire A Publicist

By Dr. John. B. Charnay

Here Are 25 Reasons To Hire A Publicist:

1.  A Publicist Can Position You As An Authority And Expert In Your Field.
2.  A Publicist Can Build For You A Strong Personal Brand.
3.  A Publicist Can Make You The First Person People Think Of In Your Industry.
4.  A Publicist Can Have Your Clients Be “Pre-Sold” When They Call You And Get Your Undecided Ones Now To Buy.
5.  A Publicist Can Get Your Clients Willing To Pay More For Your Products Or Services.
6.  A Publicist Can Get Your Clients Be Loyal To You For Longer Periods Because Of Your Credibility.
7.  A Publicist Can Be Relatively Inexpensive To Get While An Advertising Agency Is Often Much More Expensive.
8.  A Publicist Can Provide You More Credibility Via Publicity Than You Can Attain Through Paid Advertising.
9.  A Publicist Can Attract To You More People Wanting To Do Business Or Partner With You.
10. A Publicist Can Even Prompt Vendors To Offer You Discounts So They Can Work With You.
11. A Publicist Can Often Attract Investors To Your Firm.
12. A Publicist Can Facilitate Recruitment & Attract Better Staff Wanting To Work For You.
13. A Publicist Can Get You Invitations To Speak At Seminars, Conferences And Workshops Or To Write For Publications.
14. A Publicist Can Elevate You In Status Among Your Peers.
15. A Publicist Can Help Make Influential People Previously Out Of Your Reach Become More Accessible.
16.  A Publicist Can Make Your Staff Proud To Work For You And Stay With Your Firm Longer.
17. A Publicist Can Create Greater Momentum For Your Business.
18. A Publicist Can Get New Markets To Open Up For You.
19. A Publicist Can Drive Traffic To Your Website From New Sources, Help Your SEO To Improve And Give You Higher SEO Rankings
20.  A Publicist Can Cause Prospects You Approach To Recognize Your Name.
21.  A Publicist Can Cause People To Want To Pay For A License, Rights Or A Franchise For What You Offer.
22.  A Publicist Can Get You Fame That Attracts More Clients Or Even Gets You Offered A Book Deal.
23. A Publicist Can Get More People To Pay Attention To Your Messages & Your Clients Or Customers To Pay More Attention To Your Advice – And Act Upon It.
24. A Publicist Can Get You More Exposure And Visibility And Boost Your Credibility.
25. A Publicist Can Help You Leave A Greater Legacy To Society.

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