My Facebook Post Isn’t Working! Strategies for Social Media Success

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My Facebook Post Isn’t Working! Strategies for Social Media Success

It’s no secret that today’s Facebook is drastically different than it was 10+ years ago. Before, businesses that set up a business page could write a post and garner engagement in a snap. Since Facebook went public, everything’s changed. We are now in a “pay to play” environment where the more you invest in Facebook’s advertising platform, the better engagement you will get. Put money behind your best content and you’ll be able to reach your fans and people interested in your business product/service. It really is that simple. However, it’s a tough pill to swallow for many business owners and social media managers who still adhere to the “earned reach” philosophy, but it’s a necessary reality that needs to be understood.

According to TechCrunch, more than 40 million small businesses have Facebook pages today—that’s a lot of entities vying for attention on the platform; hence, why Facebook invites users to invest in promoted posts and promoted pages in order to allow users the opportunity to reach specific people that care about their business.

Facebook advertising is actually pretty sweet once you understand the benefits:

1. Facebook allows you to set any budget you want to promote posts and pages
2. You can target specific groups of people on Facebook when you run an ad—we’re talking down to age range, geographic level, subject matter interest, and even income level.
3. Facebook will estimate your ad reach based on what you want to spend
4. Set specific goals tied to each ad campaign (e.g. drive traffic to website, increase newsletter sign ups, increase page likes, encourage conversation, etc.)
5. You can measure the results of your spend—Setting up your account allows Facebook to track the specifics of your ad campaigns so you see for yourself, where every dollar and cent was spent and what level of engagement and reach you got for it.

The best part is that you don’t need to put money behind boosting every post or promoting every business page. In fact, you probably shouldn’t, otherwise, any organic post you share will take less priority in people’s feeds over paid posts. We recommend developing a strategic ad plan that promotes only the best content you have to offer so both organic and paid posts end up working together in your benefit.
Now that we’ve talked about the reality of Facebook and the benefits of advertising, let’s dive into how to get the most out of your Facebook posts to start your journey toward social media success. Read more at philosophy communication here:


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