Practical advice for mastering the dreaded media sell-in

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Practical advice for mastering the dreaded media sell-in

Whether you’re new to PR or are a seasoned pro, there’s one part of the job that most people find particularly daunting, and that’s the dreaded media sell-in.
Like with most things, the more you do them, the more comfortable you are doing them however, for many PR professionals, this isn’t the case with media sell-ins.
But why is that, when sell-ins are such an integral part of working in PR?
Perhaps it’s because of the fear of rejection that can be triggered when your press release gets turned down or the pressure of being able to get across what you want to get across before the journalist on the other end of the line tunes out to you.
While the use of email means that media sell-ins can be done by both email (**cue sigh of relief**) and telephone these days, there are still times, particularly when it comes to targeting the national media, when you’ve still got to do it the old-fashioned way and pick up the phone.

Here are SK Copy Co’s top tips for conquering media sell-ins:


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