Defining PR Moments of 2016

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Defining PR Moments of 2016

It’s here; The Pollack PR Marketing Group’s Defining PR Moments of 2016.

• Privacy Battle – Apple vs. the FBI set a precedent that customer loyalty and privacy shouldn’t be overlooked
• Cover Boy – Brands are changing the way they are messaging products, making way for gender-neutral marketing
• Catch ‘Em All – The Pokemon GO app showed PR practitioners that augmented reality can be a tool
• Social Spectacle – Social media platforms need to update content and features to keep from being antiquated
• Paid Influence – Social media celebrities cashed in, but marketers began to question the influencer marketing bubble
• Machines Rising – From automated shopping to customer support chatbots, brands invested in AI to reach customers
• Got Hacked – Digitization has yielded increased data breaches from sources like Wikileaks and The Panama Papers
• Sinking Ship – The respective CEOs of Theranos, Mylan, Fox News, Samsung, Wells Fargo and Volkswagen eagerly await 2017
• Blurred Lines – Traditional and new media platforms continue to merge, and challenge brands to break through the marketing landscape
• Under Pressure – Post–presidential election, Facebook and Google are under fire for facilitating the sharing of fake news

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