4 Important Snapchat Metrics Your Brand Should Be Measuring

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4 Important Snapchat Metrics Your Brand Should Be Measuring

You’ve probably been hearing more about Snapchat as a platform for marketers to explore, and for good reason—Snapchat is driving more than 6 billion daily video views, all from mobile devices.6

6 billion views (with a b). Let that sink in for a second.

That’s massive. By comparison, Facebook has 8 billion daily video views and YouTube roughly 4 billion. What’s so different though is that Snapchat’s 6 billion views are coming exclusively from mobile devices.

For marketers, there’s a huge opportunity to tap into that audience and tell new stories, as it’s not just a platform for teens anymore. Three quarters of US users are over the age of 18, and we’re seeing more people over the age of 25 joining the platform, a number expected only to grow in 2016.

But while many marketers have spent the better part of the year getting used to the platform itself, one of the biggest things that’s still confusing people is measuring success of content on Snapchat.

Fortunately, as Delmondo have built their Snapchat analytics tool, they’ve put together some of their findings from this year and distilled then into the four key metrics that will get you started: http://sumo.ly/djrt


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