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More than half of millennials say Instagram influences their purchases

Since Facebook purchased it in 2012, Instagram has grown to become a go-to platform for millennials who want to share photos and videos.

In more recent years, it’s become the most powerful social platform for online shopping.

New data from LendEDU shows that 52.9 percent of millennials say that Instagram has the most influence for them when making shopping decisions. The next closest platform is Facebook at roughly 32 percent. Twitter came stands at about 10 percent, and only five percent of millennials count Snapchat as the platform with the most purchasing sway.

As mobile ad spending continues to surpass that of television, marketers will gravitate to whatever works. If the poll correctly represents young consumers’ mindsets, Instagram advertising is the solution.

Read on:

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5 tips for successful content marketing on a budget

What's the best way to promote your brand? “It’s easy,” everyone says. “Just create amazing content.”

But, the truth is, even if you know what you’re doing, content marketing can be a daunting task. Still, it can and does pay off.

Distribion used content to increase its blog traffic by 2,000 percent and boost revenue by 40 percent. And that company is not alone. Qualtrics generated 2500-plus leads at less than $1.30 cost per conversion, and Kraft says its content marketing ROI is up to four times higher than any other advertising technique it offers.

Read the following tips to learn how to make even a small budget reap big rewards for your company’s content marketing:

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25 Reasons To Hire A Publicist

By Dr. John. B. Charnay

Here Are 25 Reasons To Hire A Publicist:

1.  A Publicist Can Position You As An Authority And Expert In Your Field.
2.  A Publicist Can Build For You A Strong Personal Brand.
3.  A Publicist Can Make You The First Person People Think Of In Your Industry.
4.  A Publicist Can Have Your Clients Be “Pre-Sold” When They Call You And Get Your Undecided Ones Now To Buy.
5.  A Publicist Can Get Your Clients Willing To Pay More For Your Products Or Services.
6.  A Publicist Can Get Your Clients Be Loyal To You For Longer Periods Because Of Your Credibility.
7.  A Publicist Can Be Relatively Inexpensive To Get While An Advertising Agency Is Often Much More Expensive.
8.  A Publicist Can Provide You More Credibility Via Publicity Than You Can Attain Through Paid Advertising.
9.  A Publicist Can Attract To You More People Wanting To Do Business Or Partner With You.
10. A Publicist Can Even Prompt Vendors To Offer You Discounts So They Can Work With You.
11. A Publicist Can Often Attract Investors To Your Firm.
12. A Publicist Can Facilitate Recruitment & Attract Better Staff Wanting To Work For You.
13. A Publicist Can Get You Invitations To Speak At Seminars, Conferences And Workshops Or To Write For Publications.
14. A Publicist Can Elevate You In Status Among Your Peers.
15. A Publicist Can Help Make Influential People Previously Out Of Your Reach Become More Accessible.
16.  A Publicist Can Make Your Staff Proud To Work For You And Stay With Your Firm Longer.
17. A Publicist Can Create Greater Momentum For Your Business.
18. A Publicist Can Get New Markets To Open Up For You.
19. A Publicist Can Drive Traffic To Your Website From New Sources, Help Your SEO To Improve And Give You Higher SEO Rankings
20.  A Publicist Can Cause Prospects You Approach To Recognize Your Name.
21.  A Publicist Can Cause People To Want To Pay For A License, Rights Or A Franchise For What You Offer.
22.  A Publicist Can Get You Fame That Attracts More Clients Or Even Gets You Offered A Book Deal.
23. A Publicist Can Get More People To Pay Attention To Your Messages & Your Clients Or Customers To Pay More Attention To Your Advice – And Act Upon It.
24. A Publicist Can Get You More Exposure And Visibility And Boost Your Credibility.
25. A Publicist Can Help You Leave A Greater Legacy To Society.

Follow John Charnay here:

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Journalism Credibility Crisis

Cision 2017 State of the Media Report.

With the rise of “fake news,” fact-checking and overall circulation of misinformation, a major trend presented itself in Cision’s 2017 State of the Media Report: journalists are extremely concerned with the public perception of their industry.

Insights from 1,550 of North America’s top journalists and influencers point toward a severe dip in trust. Ninety-one percent of journalists believe the media is somewhat or much less trusted than they were in past years. This lack of trust aligns with the 2017 Edelman Trust Barometer, revealing trust is at an all-time low.

Executive brand voices hold more of the public’s trust than the media, a reversal compared to previous findings.

Cision’s study delves into what makes journalists tick, including reports on pitching preferences, facts vs. feelings in stories and how journalists choose to pursue stories among others.

Also discussed in the study were the strides made toward the digital and social media migration. State of the Media findings show that Facebook has become the leading audience engagement tool. The need for brands to communicate across multiple channels has grown in importance with the rise of independent media influencers (bloggers, social media personalities, etc.).

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The 6 Most Important Social Media Trends of 2017

Social media—once a competitive, dynamic space—has gotten predictable.
Facebook added a hundred million users in a quarter? What else is new? Facebook is in trouble for failing to stop fake news, extremist messages, and child pornography? Par for the course. Facebook shamelessly copied another Snapchat feature? Yawn.

It’s all been going on for years. And you’ll notice I only brought up Facebook news, since it’s now by far the most significant social media player.
In 2016, Facebook accounted for almost two-thirds of all social media ad spending. Expect that share to increase because, according to a recent BI Intelligence report, the network has added a million more advertisers to its already sizable roster in the last seven months.

That said, there are still plenty of important assumptions surrounding social media that make the rounds in marketing circles. eMarketer’s latest report on social media, the US Social StatPack, brings some much needed clarity to the space.

Here are six social media trends that marketers should know about:

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Should You Use Hashtags on Facebook? Here’s What the Research Says

Hashtags are one of the most commonly queried elements of social media marketing, particularly amongst people just starting out. And that makes sense – hashtags can be confusing as they’re not words within a sentence, necessarily, but topic matches that help improve discoverability. Some people think tagging every word will help, because it’ll mean your content will show up in more conversations, but that’s a flawed theory. In order to maximize the performance of hashtags, you need to conduct research in order to develop an understanding of which tags are most relevant to your business, and which are most likely to connect with people looking for discussion related to your focus topics.

And that’s just the beginning of your hashtag understanding.

Another key element you need to consider is how hashtags are used on different platforms. There’s a heap of articles about this, looking at how hashtags are used, and how you should apply them on each platform. And one of the most common questions that comes up relates to their use on Facebook, specifically.

The confusion around hashtags on Facebook is that hashtags are active on the platform – unlike LinkedIn, where they’re simply not clickable (which largely negates their functionality), Facebook has tried to make hashtags a part of their search and discovery process.

So should you use hashtags on your Facebook posts? Will they help you get more reach?

Here’s what we know:

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Infusing a Little Analog Into Your Digital Life

Imagine this: attendees at a conference are flocking to a table filled with greeting cards where they can choose among “thank you,” “happy birthday” and “congratulations” greetings, write something nice (hopefully), lick the envelope and place it in the makeshift, Lucite mailbox.

This was the clever idea from American Greetings, which had an executive from the greeting card company speaking at this conference, the Experiential Marketing Summit, and showcased its brand outside the meeting room. The other cool, economical thing was that you didn’t have to put a stamp on the card – American Greetings would mail it for you. The mailbox was filling up with cards throughout the day. People were happy. They were practicing writing with a pen. And someone on the other end of this stunt was going to get something nice in the mail, not in the email.

How analog, right? What great exercise, I say! Read more:

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4 stumbles that keep influencers from engaging with your brand

Gone are the days when journalists were the only editorial contacts on your media list.

Today, media lists encompass not only editors, reporters, anchors and on-air personalities, but bloggers and online influencers who have cultivated loyal online followings around a specific genre.
Although engaging online influencers is a goal of many companies and causes, it can be challenging to persuade key influencers to engage with your brand. Influencer engagement requires a balance of strategy and creativity, and one generally does not take the same approach with them as when pitching a reporter.

Here are common missteps that prevent businesses and nonprofits from engaging their target influencers and cultivating them as devoted brand ambassadors. Read more on PR Daily:

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vi søger en kommunikationsrådgiver!

Er du vores nye rådgiver?

Vi er på udkig efter en ny kollega, som har min. 3-5 års erfaring som (digital) kommunikationskonsulent – helst fra et bureau, men ellers fra en virksomhed eller en organisation.

Vi forventer at du:
o Har en relevant uddannelse indenfor kommunikation eller journalistik
o Er stærkt fagligt forankret i kommunikation og SoMe
o Forstår den digitale dagsorden
o Går ”den ekstra mil” for både kunder og dine kolleger
o Er en dygtig projektleder
o Er en stærk, troværdig og fagligt funderet rådgiver
o Har gennemslagskraft
o Er kreativ, idérig og løsningsorienteret
o Er god til at skrive (fejlfrit) og taler gerne med journalister
o Er opsøgende overfor både kunder og journalister
o Kan drive et projekt alene fra A til Z

Hvem er vi:

Et vældigt småt bureau med et stærkt omdømme i centrum af København.
Vi har brug for en kollega, der er selvkørende og kan springe til præcis, hvor det er nødvendigt. Uanset om det er med content, events, oplæg, tekster, rådgivning og planlægning. Ingen opgave er hverken for lille eller for stor.
Du får masser af medansvar og mulighed for at udvikle og sætte præg på et ambitiøst bureau. Du får også fantastiske kollegaer og en masse udfordringer og grin.

Sådan ansøger du:

Send en e-mail med din ansøgning og dit CV til hurtigst muligt - dog senest onsdag d. 17 maj 2017. Vi holder samtaler løbende, men sigter efter at ansætte senest per 1. juli 2017.

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The 4 things marketers need to know about Facebook’s F8 Conference

It may be hard to believe, but it’s already been ten years since Facebook’s first F8 Developers Conference! And again in its 10th edition, the opening keynote saw founder & CEO Mark Zuckerberg on stage in San Jose, California.

Over the last few years, Facebook has become a key platform for brands everywhere thanks to its ability to constantly innovate and stay ahead of the curve, understanding consumers’ needs and habits and creating opportunities for marketers which did not exist before. So, if you’re in marketing, it is always good to be aware of what Zuckerberg & co. have in store for the future. If you haven’t had the chance to check out the keynote just yet, here are the key takeaways that you should be aware of (and should know about):

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My Facebook Post Isn’t Working! Strategies for Social Media Success

It’s no secret that today’s Facebook is drastically different than it was 10+ years ago. Before, businesses that set up a business page could write a post and garner engagement in a snap. Since Facebook went public, everything’s changed. We are now in a “pay to play” environment where the more you invest in Facebook’s advertising platform, the better engagement you will get. Put money behind your best content and you’ll be able to reach your fans and people interested in your business product/service. It really is that simple. However, it’s a tough pill to swallow for many business owners and social media managers who still adhere to the “earned reach” philosophy, but it’s a necessary reality that needs to be understood.

According to TechCrunch, more than 40 million small businesses have Facebook pages today—that’s a lot of entities vying for attention on the platform; hence, why Facebook invites users to invest in promoted posts and promoted pages in order to allow users the opportunity to reach specific people that care about their business.

Facebook advertising is actually pretty sweet once you understand the benefits:

1. Facebook allows you to set any budget you want to promote posts and pages
2. You can target specific groups of people on Facebook when you run an ad—we’re talking down to age range, geographic level, subject matter interest, and even income level.
3. Facebook will estimate your ad reach based on what you want to spend
4. Set specific goals tied to each ad campaign (e.g. drive traffic to website, increase newsletter sign ups, increase page likes, encourage conversation, etc.)
5. You can measure the results of your spend—Setting up your account allows Facebook to track the specifics of your ad campaigns so you see for yourself, where every dollar and cent was spent and what level of engagement and reach you got for it.

The best part is that you don’t need to put money behind boosting every post or promoting every business page. In fact, you probably shouldn’t, otherwise, any organic post you share will take less priority in people’s feeds over paid posts. We recommend developing a strategic ad plan that promotes only the best content you have to offer so both organic and paid posts end up working together in your benefit.
Now that we’ve talked about the reality of Facebook and the benefits of advertising, let’s dive into how to get the most out of your Facebook posts to start your journey toward social media success. Read more at philosophy communication here:

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Achieving a digital state of mind

Digital isn’t merely an add-on; it’s a way to think differently about
business models, customer journeys, and organizational agility.

Companies that successfully adopt digital technology don’t view it
as an extra; digitization becomes central to what they are because they
transform their value propositions and evolve every level of the organization
so that it becomes data driven, customer obsessed, and highly agile. In this
episode of the McKinsey Podcast, recorded in November 2015,
principals Karel Dorner and David Edelman talk with Barr Seitz about why,
decades into the digital revolution, companies are still trying to define what
digital really is and struggling to make the most of it. An edited transcript
of their conversation follows.

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Every Social Post is an Advertisement

Social media use continues to grow globally and advertising dollars are following. Check out the Global Overview produced via We Are Social and Hootsuite. Here's a snapshot of the report which reveals for the first time over one-half of the world's population is using the Internet!

What does this mean for digital and social advertising? For starters, digital/social ad spending has surpassed TV spending for the first time In U.S. history.

Social media advertising spend is set to overtake newspapers by 2020. Are you ready for the shift? Read more:

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Weekend Update: Should You Publish Every Day?

In 2006, Time magazine realized its readers were too busy during the week to flip through each issue. When they finally could devote enough time to read the articles, the news was already old. So Richard Stengel, the magazine’s former editor-in-chief, made a drastic move. The publication would hit newsstands on Friday instead of Monday morning.

“I think that really saved the magazine,” said Tracy Schmidt, director of social media at Crain Communications and an independent social media consultant, who worked at Time during the change. “It was then redesigned for a weekend experience. So it was a recap of the week behind and a look at the week coming up.”

The way people interact with media and social media today affects publishing schedules. In the early days of the internet, most people accessed information at work, so publishers adjusted accordingly, posting most of their online content between nine and five. Now, though, there’s a need to be active all the time. Legacy publishers like The New York Times post breaking news pieces online before they hit print. And now many digital-first publications have weekend editors who are hired to stay ahead of everything that happens on Saturday and Sunday.

But how about you, should you publish every day on your channels?

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Kommunikations- og PR praktikant søges

Har du lyst til at prøve kræfter med PR- og kommunikationsbranchen?
Kan du skrive, og er du dygtig og detaljefokuseret?
Har du en bred viden om og interesse for sociale medier, corporate- og livsstils-PR?

Hvis du kan svare ja til det hele, er det dig, vi skal bruge! Vi søger 1-2 PR/kommunikationspraktikanter - allerhelst i 5-6 måneder med start omkring august/september 2017. Praktikstillingen er en fuldtidsstilling og skal indgå som en del af dit videregående studie.
Vi søger en praktikant, som har mod på at kaste sig ud i PR- og kommunikationsbranchen, og som gerne vil lære, hvordan man bruger de forskellige PR-redskaber i praksis. Det være sig alt fra udvikling af indhold til sociale medier til skrivning af pressemeddelelser og nyhedsbreve. Du skal arbejde med et bredt udvalg af kunder: private som offentlige, store som små, danske som internationale, inden for mange forskellige brancher som fx design, finans, tech & fødevarer.

Vi forventer, at du:
• er fuldstændig flydende i dansk skrift og tale
• har gode engelskkundskaber
• har en grundlæggende interesse for, hvad der rør sig i medierne og på gader og stræder
• har analytisk sans og er god til at danne dig overblik over tunge stofområder
• har journalistisk sans og skriver hurtigt, godt, klart og letforståeligt
• forstår de sociale medier, og hvordan man bruger dem
• er udadvendt og har mod på at tale med rigtig mange forskellige mennesker hver dag
• er selvstændig, voksen og ansvarsbevidst
• har en masse engagement og lyst til at lære

Dine opgaver vil spænde bredt. Du vil få meget ansvar, og vi vil bestræbe os på, at du kommer til at lave mest af det, du synes bedst om. Men du skal igennem alle typer af opgaver, så du kan lære mest muligt.

Du vil blive koblet på specifikke kunder, så du får mulighed for at følge et kundeforløb og de dertilhørende opgaver. Samtidig vil vi præsentere dig for forskellige typer af opgaver, som du kan støde på i kommunikationsbranchen, så du når hele viften af ydelser rundt.

Vigtigst af alt vil du komme til at deltage i alt, hvad vi laver i vores hverdag. Og du vil komme til at skabe en masse målbare resultater for vores kunder.

Vores praktikanter siger…
”Hos Think PR bliver man kastet ud i tingene og får lov til at gøre alt det, man har læst om på skolebænken. Opgaverne er mangfoldige, og hver dag byder på nye udfordringer. Man kommer virkelig rundt om et hav af kommunikationsopgaver, og jeg har lært rigtig meget. Jeg glæder mig endnu mere til at blive færdig med mit studie nu, hvor jeg har været i praktik hos Think PR!”
– Eydbjørt, RUC, Cand.Comm., tidligere praktikant.

”Hos Think PR er der masser af frihed under ansvar. Hvis du viser, at du kan og vil, så får du også lov. Det betyder, at jeg har fået en helt uvurderlig erfaring med mange typer opgaver. Fra dag ét var jeg en del af teamet og derfor også med i alle processer - fra brainstorming af ideer til udvikling af færdige kommunikationsprodukter. Et praktikforløb ved Think PR kan klart anbefales!”
- Stine, CBS, Cand.merc.(kom)., tidligere praktikant.

Er du vores nye praktikant, så send din ansøgning til Karin Nørgaard på e-mail: Har du spørgsmål så ring til Karin på 33 14 00 00.

Praktikantstillingen er ulønnet!

Ansøgningsfrist hurtigst muligt.

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11 years and still so young

We can't believe 11 years have gone by so fast.

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Your digital marketing campaign could use a boost, especially if it isn't using any of these 5 helpful strategies.

Though direct mail is bound to reach 70-80% of potential borrowers and ensure up to 28% better results, digital marketing may be the way to go considering how lead generation costs can be quite high in many sectors. If you want to effectively pinpoint your target and add shopper convenience, here are five digital tactics that’ll enhance your marketing campaign and educate buyers:

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The Facebook Algorithm Is Watching You

You can tell a lot about a person from how they react
to something.

That’s why Facebook’s various “Like” buttons are so
powerful. Clicking a reaction icon isn’t just a way to register an emotional
response, it’s also a way for Facebook to refine its sense of who you are. So
when you “Love” a photo of a friend’s baby, and click “Angry” on an article
about the New England Patriots winning the Super Bowl, you’re training Facebook
to see you a certain way: You are a person who seems to love babies and hate
Tom Brady.

The more you click, the more sophisticated Facebook’s
idea of who you are becomes. (Remember: Although the reaction choices seem
limited now—Like, Love, Haha, Wow, Sad, or Angry—up until around this time last
year, there was only a “Like” button.)

This matters because of what Facebook might then do with its sense of your baby-loving,
Tom-Brady-hating self. It might mean that Facebook will show you more photos of
babies and fewer articles about football, which in turn might affect which
friends appear more frequently and prominently in your News Feed. And that
might affect your perception of the world.

Read more about the algorithm at


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Tales Of Job Burnout: How To Fix The Aftermath Of An Overachiever Attitude

Lately, it feels like if you’re not working 80-hour weeks, you’re not working hard enough. The willingness to work long hours in the hopes of rapid career growth has a name, and it’s not spelled B-O-S-S. Chronic overachievers often rely on a “I can do it all” attitude to feel accomplished and secure in their jobs. But what this attitude doesn’t rely on is reality. When you try to do everything all the time, you’re mostly likely to only achieve one thing: burnout.

Burnout can lead to serious physical, mental, and social consequences but it doesn’t happen overnight. The Harvard Business Review aptly describes burnout as a slow fizzle—something that builds over time before imploding.

In particular, burnout is common among high-level executives, who typically reach their positions by being chronic achievers. There are cautionary tales from successful leaders that serve as a lesson in what not to do.

Despite how it presents itself, there are ways to avoid burnout and still grow in your job. Taking the time to learn from the experiences of other overachievers can help prevent the worst of burnout from taking ahold of your professional life.

Learn more:

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Five Free Tools To Use To Get Publicity

PR is everything you say … everything you do and everything people say about you. Getting publicity for your business is the ultimate in third party credibility.

But for most small businesses, they are stumped about how to actually use PR to get the attention they desire and need to grow their businesses. And then there is the perennial challenge in business – having the budget to get someone to help you.

How about some tips on how you can do your own PR and get publicity without it costing a mint? Some simple tools and ideas you can use to help stand out and be noticed? Check five tips here:

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How To Protect Your Social Brand In 2017

With the ubiquity of social media, a crisis can strike at any moment. Even if it is impossible to predict every outcome, being prepared to protect your social brand—before a crisis hits—will help you deal with any situation that may arise.

Social media is increasingly how we receive news and communicate with each other. In this new environment, it’s possible that President Trump might mention your brand on Twitter. Or your firm could get caught up in national events. Be prepared for anything and clarify your existing social media policies now for your corporate brand as well as your employees.

So why are social media policies important for large brands? Read more:

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Running a successful tender: How to choose the right PR agency for you

What steps should companies take to ensure that their tender process is a success?

Here are some tips to get the best PR agency for you.
1. Create a detailed briefing document
2. Give them a ballpark budget
3. Get detailed credentials
4. Screen agencies over the phone
5. Choose top agencies for face-to-face meetings
6. Bring two back as finalists
7. Make an offer

Read the detailed tips at Wilde Words here:

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Journalism, Media and Technology Predictions 2017 from Reuters

This year’s key developments will centre on fears about how changing technology is affecting the quality of information and the state of our democracy. The arrival of Donald Trump in the White House and elections in France and Germany will highlight the increasing power of new communication channels as traditional media continues to lose both influence and money.

More widely there’ll be heated debate about the role and size of tech platforms and the extent to which their activities should be regulated. Artificial Intelligence (AI) takes over from mobile as the hottest topic in technology, though the practical and ethical dilemmas around how it will be used become ever more apparent through the year.

Download full report here:

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The 15-Minute Social Media Marketing Sprint

One of the greatest fears that a small business owner has about social
media marketing has is the time it takes to manage all the different platforms.
With planning and a little strategy that time can be significantly reduced and
used effectively. Rodney Fife will show you how you can reduce that time
to at least 15 minutes a day and two hours a month.

Let’s begin by knowing where you are currently with
Social Media. Look at your analytical data from each platform. Write these
numbers down. Now that we know where you are number wise. It is time to set
some goals. Writing your goals should help you in creating a strategy… Read

Aerial coffee latte food blogging journal free image %281%29 medium

Practical advice for mastering the dreaded media sell-in

Whether you’re new to PR or are a seasoned pro, there’s one part of the job that most people find particularly daunting, and that’s the dreaded media sell-in.
Like with most things, the more you do them, the more comfortable you are doing them however, for many PR professionals, this isn’t the case with media sell-ins.
But why is that, when sell-ins are such an integral part of working in PR?
Perhaps it’s because of the fear of rejection that can be triggered when your press release gets turned down or the pressure of being able to get across what you want to get across before the journalist on the other end of the line tunes out to you.
While the use of email means that media sell-ins can be done by both email (**cue sigh of relief**) and telephone these days, there are still times, particularly when it comes to targeting the national media, when you’ve still got to do it the old-fashioned way and pick up the phone.

Here are SK Copy Co’s top tips for conquering media sell-ins:

Fsv logo med narrativ forsiden6 medium

New Client: Danish Defence

We are very happy to introduce Danish Defence as a new client.
Defence Command Denmark is the supreme military command authority of the Armed Forces. Together with the four other authorities, for Personnel, for Material & Equipment, for Buildings & Facilities and for Finance, it forms the Danish Defence.
As of November 2016 we have been working with recruitment for the Danish Defence Personnel Organisation which is an agency under the Ministry of Defence and is responsible for Human Resource Management (HR) in the Danish Defence and Home Guard.

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Seven Ways The Term 'Public Relations' Will Evolve By 2020

According to a recent Holmes report, only 27% of agency professionals think the term "public
relations" will describe their work in four years. In addition to this
capacity, the role is poised to evolve into one that encompasses much more than
publicity and media outreach.

Seven agency executives from Forbes Agency Council share a few of the ways we will come to view public relations
practitioners in 2020 -- and what these newfound duties will entail:


3acb7167 28cd 4aaa a29c b604d44a5bee original medium

New client: Disney Channel

We are happy to be chosen as the new PR agency for Disney Channel in Denmark.

The Walt Disney Company, together with its subsidiaries and affiliates, is a leading diversified international family entertainment and media enterprise.

The platform brands in Denmark are Disney Channel, Disney Junior and Disney XD.

Measurement 1476913 1280 medium

What Metrics Should You Track on Social Media?

Ask five professionals about what metrics you should track on social media, they will all have different versions of what constitute the right metrics and which measurements you should pay lesser attention to.

But of any social media implementation, measurement is something concerned with individual focus and background on which the overall business strategy is built.

Though there are common yards in every business sphere, not even less in an environment where interactions are summed up in Retweets, Shares, Likes, Comments and so, what make a difference in the end, are those finer grains you have made your own.

Sure, hundreds of retweets on Twitter will help to keep the morale high for you to continue to post more content on the platform, but you want to also see where that is leading you to. Read more:

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PR Tip - You’re Not a Cat

Yes, I know, curiosity killed the cat. But you’re not a cat so get a bit curious.
We’re storytellers. We have to be able to tell compelling and interesting stories. Like it or not, very rarely is the information given to us by our clients interesting or compelling on first read. Companies are focused on what they make and often get laser focused on the speeds and feeds of what they want to announce or share with the media and/or public. To tell good stories, the kinds that people remember and repeat, requires the story to move off the linear line that most uninspired stories follow. Getting off that linear line requires that the storyteller is intellectually curious.
What do I mean by that? Good stories don’t just go from Point A to Point B in a straight line. They meander, they twist, they take you down paths that you didn’t expect and they can surprise you every step of the way. But if you want to find those paths, you have to ask the right questions along the way and look for the sign posts that might signal something interesting.
Read more from Connect2 Communications here:

Colorful superhero kids icon costume free image medium

Good morning 2017

You don't have to be a
morning person to be successful but the evidence suggests that it does help.
The morning rituals of some of the world's most productive people revealed
four common habits you can adopt. Watch this video to discover them (and the
one thing they avoid).

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Seven Uses of Social Media for Corporates (& Businesses)

You've probably noticed the recent surge in use of platforms and users of social media. Are you wasting your time or investing in it? Here are seven ways to use social media:

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How to Master Social Media Audience Retention

Building a social media following is hard work. Retaining your fans and followers is a sustained effort, much like social media marketing. A solid plan, attention to detail, and consistency are necessary to acquire and keep fans/followers who’re passionate about your brand. Here’s a look at seven social media audience retention tactics that can create long-term, involved communities:

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Defining PR Moments of 2016

It’s here; The Pollack PR Marketing Group’s Defining PR Moments of 2016.

• Privacy Battle – Apple vs. the FBI set a precedent that customer loyalty and privacy shouldn’t be overlooked
• Cover Boy – Brands are changing the way they are messaging products, making way for gender-neutral marketing
• Catch ‘Em All – The Pokemon GO app showed PR practitioners that augmented reality can be a tool
• Social Spectacle – Social media platforms need to update content and features to keep from being antiquated
• Paid Influence – Social media celebrities cashed in, but marketers began to question the influencer marketing bubble
• Machines Rising – From automated shopping to customer support chatbots, brands invested in AI to reach customers
• Got Hacked – Digitization has yielded increased data breaches from sources like Wikileaks and The Panama Papers
• Sinking Ship – The respective CEOs of Theranos, Mylan, Fox News, Samsung, Wells Fargo and Volkswagen eagerly await 2017
• Blurred Lines – Traditional and new media platforms continue to merge, and challenge brands to break through the marketing landscape
• Under Pressure – Post–presidential election, Facebook and Google are under fire for facilitating the sharing of fake news

Want to read more:

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10 Reasons To Hire A PR Agency

Here Are 10 Reasons To Hire A PR Agency:

1) A PR agency can serve as PR counselors, help develop communication programs, policies, decisions, and courses of action — while taking into account their impact on your various publics.

2) A PR agency can develop communication programs aimed at both your internal and external publics.

3) A PR agency can conduct public opinion research, assist your company in anticipating and understanding public opinions, internal and external attitudes, and what is being said about your firm.

4) A PR agency is “a must” during the strategic planning process in helping your firm develop its vision and a mission, plus strategies, tactics, goals, objectives and programs to help you better connect with whoever matters to you.

5) A PR agency can provide you with various forms of PR training, including media and presentation training.

6) A PR agency can drive social media efforts, helping your firm engage your audience, in real time.

7) A PR agency can develop and execute employee communications and employee engagement programs.

8) A PR agency can can help you develop media relations and publicity programs that drive key business results.

9) A PR agency can map out and execute strategic CSR programs.

10) A PR agency can help you to articulate a vision and provide thought leadership to those you serve.

P.S. Hire A Public Relations Consultant To Advise, Guide And Inspire You!

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The 3 Types of Social Media Metrics that Matter to You

Marketing is often referred to as a combination of art and science, a balance of creativity and analysis. This combination is what routinely draws marketers to the field, and it is no different when applied to social media marketing.

Well-defined metrics allow marketers to defend their efforts, push for greater budgets, track progress, and optimize for continued success. However, it can seem difficult to wrangle the right metrics through the sea of available options and then drive true meaning out of them.

Despite the challenges, a defined social media strategy combined with proper measurement can lead to real business and marketing wins — and set the structure to find the return on investment (ROI) of your social media marketing efforts. Whether you’re an experienced social media marketer or just starting out, here is a framework to organize the metrics (which can also be applied to any digital channel from email to search), and examples of the metrics that fall into each layer.

Check out the metrics here:

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These days, having a stellar social presence is essential for online business growth, but simply creating profiles, getting followers, and posting whatever you want, whenever you want, isn’t enough to get there. There must be strategy, of course, but even when you operate within a strategy, there are a few things you can still get wrong. For instance: POSTING ALL.THE.TIME.

Check out the top mistakes that are easy to avoid:

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When to post on Facebook

The best times to post on social media are when the people you want to see the content are on the network.

That’s the easy answer.

And not a useful answer. Until now.

There are many studies ( on the best time to post on social media to guide your efforts. On Facebook, the data shows:

• Sunday: 32% higher engagement
• Thursday: 18% higher engagement
• Friday: 18% higher engagement
• Saturday: 32% higher engagement
• 9 am
• 1 pm: Get the most shares
• 3 pm: Get the most clicks

Want more tips?

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The Real Reasons Your Social Media Marketing Has Bombed

Social media marketing sounds easy enough.

Post some content on Facebook, send out some tweets, make a few connections on LinkedIn, and sit back and watch the leads pour in.
That’s all there is to it, right?

In reality, a successful social media marketing campaign is multi-dimensional. Actually, it’s kind of complicated.

Check out Neil Patels reasons on why your social media marketing has bombed and how to fix it:

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Why your ‘influencer’ marketing strategy isn’t working

“Influencer” is a buzzword.

Despite that, “influencer marketing strategies” have become immensely popular. They’re also extremely effective.
Trying to jump on the bandwagon, but something isn’t working?

Here are a few reasons why that might be happening:

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Do you want to move in?

Do you need an office space in Copenhagen? We’re renting out a couple of desks at our lovely office in the center of Copenhagen (Silkegade). Preferably to someone we can work together with. You could be an art director, photographer, app developer, slow motion maker or… you name it? For more information: – Please share!

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Great PR means mixing paid, earned, social AND owned media

There’s a perception in the industry that all PR does is media relations, but this purist way of thinking is no longer relevant. We’re now fully embracing the age of social and the current media ecosystem is much more complex and layered than before. Luddites, you might as well pack up your things and go home.
Rebecca Brown, executive director of social strategy at J. Walter Thompson Canada, shared her thoughts on this new, holistic era of PR:

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We're nominated for a PR tiger!

We are so very proud to be nominated for a PR Tiger 2016. We are nominated in the category ‘Digital’ against agencies we both admire and respect. It’s an honor to be in such great company!

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5 Incredibly Effective Digital Marketing Strategies That Most Marketers Are Too Afraid To Try

What are you doing to embrace and tackle marketing industry changes? Are you afraid to try new things? Or are you fearless?

Taking chances is often what separates top marketing professionals from novices. But how can you separate fads from educated risks? Take a look at these top strategies that most marketers might deem risky, may not be aware of, or not fully understand.

These are risks, yes, but they are risks that are worth taking. Read more about the 5 strategies here:

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Are You Achieving Liftoff with PR?

Clients often ask, "How do I boost my brand awareness through public relations and social media?" The answer is always the is a function of time, resources, and budget. The art of publicity is the ability to generate unique story angles and having the know-how to promote (or sell) the concept to editors, publishers, and producers. The best PR ideas, the ones that have achieved "Liftoff" and generated tens of millions of impressions have cost very little to produce, but they have taken hours and hours of planning. It is the power of the concept that enables the virality of the content.
Read what Matt Gentile thinks are the three questions to ask at the beginning of a PR/Social Media engagement

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Why Failing to Fact-Check Could Ruin Your Content Marketing

In these election
times fact-checking is a hot topic.

good news these days is anyone can be a publisher. The bad news is anyone can
be a publisher,” said Rod Kurtz, a New York-based media strategist and
editor-at-large for Contently. “There’s a lot of crap out there, and high
standards for accuracy can help your brand stand out.”

adding fact-checking to your workflow, you reduce your company’s risk of
publishing inaccuracies that could damage your reputation. Take NBC, which
could’ve used a better workflow when Brian Williams was removed as the
network’s evening news anchor, in February 2015, after it was discovered—and
quickly amplified on social media—that he embellished his role in a helicopter
attack in Iraq and other reporting experiences. Had he been fact-checked
effectively, the scandal could have
been avoided.

Read more about fact-checking on Contently:

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10 PR Mistakes You May Be Making

Here Are 10 PR Mistakes You May Be Making:

1.    Bad writing and language errors such as typos, spelling and grammar mistakes and incorrectly capitalized letters.

2.    Pitching non-newsworthy stories.

3.    Bad timing.

4.    Bad targeting.

5.    Using hyperbole and fluff.

6.    Using jargon.

7.    Pitching heavily promotional or self-serving copy.

8.    Ignoring visuals.

9.    Ignoring sound bites.

10. Not hiring a professional PR consultant and/or agency

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The 5 Worst Social Media Practices Brands Should Avoid

In social media, as in humor, timing is everything. Experts weighed in on the best time NOT to post that pic or tweet.

You don’t need to look too hard to find brands that have suffered epic social media fails. Like that time Spirit Airlines tried to leverage the sexual abuse caused when hackers stole and leaked privately stored nude photos of female celebrities into a low airfare marketing campaign. Or how about when AT&T tweeted about 9/11 while promoting their phones?

The lure of the medium is powerful. Various studies show that the proper use of social media can increase brand sales by 55% in some cases or by millions of dollars in others. However, in hindsight, the examples above prove that despite the importance and power of social media to brands, there are often times when they are better off stepping away from the keyboard and not posting anything at all.

Whether it's to avert a social debacle or maintain a growing following, three social media experts reveal some practices to avoid:

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Kommunikations- og PR praktikant søges

Har du lyst til at prøve kræfter med PR- og kommunikationsbranchen?
Kan du skrive, og er du dygtig og detaljefokuseret?
Har du en bred viden om og interesse for sociale medier, corporate- og livsstils-PR?

Hvis du kan svare ja til det hele, er det dig, vi skal bruge! Vi søger 1-2 PR/kommunikationspraktikanter - allerhelst i 5-6 måneder med start omkring januar/februar 2017. Praktikstillingen er en fuldtidsstilling og skal indgå som en del af dit videregående studie.
Vi søger en praktikant, som har mod på at kaste sig ud i PR- og kommunikationsbranchen, og som gerne vil lære, hvordan man bruger de forskellige PR-redskaber i praksis. Det være sig alt fra udvikling af indhold til sociale medier til skrivning af pressemeddelelser og nyhedsbreve. Du skal arbejde med et bredt udvalg af kunder: private som offentlige, store som små, danske som internationale, inden for mange forskellige brancher som fx design, finans, tech & fødevarer.

Vi forventer, at du:
• er fuldstændig flydende i dansk skrift og tale
• har gode engelskkundskaber
• har en grundlæggende interesse for, hvad der rør sig i medierne og på gader og stræder
• har analytisk sans og er god til at danne dig overblik over tunge stofområder
• har journalistisk sans og skriver hurtigt, godt, klart og letforståeligt
• forstår de sociale medier, og hvordan man bruger dem
• er udadvendt og har mod på at tale med rigtig mange forskellige mennesker hver dag
• er selvstændig, voksen og ansvarsbevidst
• har en masse engagement og lyst til at lære

Dine opgaver vil spænde bredt. Du vil få meget ansvar, og vi vil bestræbe os på, at du kommer til at lave mest af det, du synes bedst om. Men du skal igennem alle typer af opgaver, så du kan lære mest muligt.

Du vil blive koblet på specifikke kunder, så du får mulighed for at følge et kundeforløb og de dertilhørende opgaver. Samtidig vil vi præsentere dig for forskellige typer af opgaver, som du kan støde på i kommunikationsbranchen, så du når hele viften af ydelser rundt.

Vigtigst af alt vil du komme til at deltage i alt, hvad vi laver i vores hverdag. Og du vil komme til at skabe en masse målbare resultater for vores kunder.

Vores praktikanter siger…

”Hos Think PR bliver man kastet ud i tingene og får lov til at gøre alt det, man har læst om på skolebænken. Opgaverne er mangfoldige, og hver dag byder på nye udfordringer. Man kommer virkelig rundt om et hav af kommunikationsopgaver, og jeg har lært rigtig meget. Jeg glæder mig endnu mere til at blive færdig med mit studie nu, hvor jeg har været i praktik hos Think PR!”
– Eydbjørt, RUC, Cand.Comm., praktikant i efteråret 2016.

”Hos Think PR er der masser af frihed under ansvar. Hvis du viser, at du kan og vil, så får du også lov. Det betyder, at jeg har fået en helt uvurderlig erfaring med mange typer opgaver. Fra dag ét var jeg en del af teamet og derfor også med i alle processer - fra brainstorming af ideer til udvikling af færdige kommunikationsprodukter. Et praktikforløb ved Think PR kan klart anbefales!”
- Stine, CBS, Cand.merc.(kom)., praktikant i efteråret 2016.

Er du vores nye praktikant, så send din ansøgning til Karin Nørgaard på e-mail: Har du spørgsmål så ring til Karin på 33 14 00 00.

Praktikantstillingen er ulønnet!

Ansøgningsfrist hurtigst muligt.

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What are the key differences between Snapchat and Instagram's "Stories" tools?

Instagram’s introduction of ‘Stories’ sparked much debate in social media circles, mostly focused on how they could so blatantly copy another platform’s feature. But, of course, imitation's the name of the game in social media – Facebook, in particular, has been copying elements from other platforms for years, from the ‘Like’ (from FriendFeed) to the ‘Trending’ (from Twitter).

And really, it makes sense – you want to give your users the best on-platform experience possible, and if they’re switching to other options to utilize features they like, why not bring them to your platform also? That way, they get all the functionality they want in one, meaning they stay on platform for longer.

This infographic from One Productions breaks down the detail you need to know:

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5 Steps for Making Your Brand Identity More Consistent

With so much content flowing through an organization, from ad campaigns and branded marketing materials to digital media content and social media updates, it’s easy to see how a company could get a little lost while trying to maintain a consistent brand identity.

Multiple people creating many branded elements can make it difficult to keep things aligned. For both big corporations and small business, it can be easy to veer off course, sometimes without even realizing it.

The lack of consistency may not be noticeable at first, but failing to identify and stick to a consistent brand identity can eventually have a negative impact. The brand can become disjointed, unreliable and divided so much that it confuses customers, clients, employees, and even the executive team.

So, if you feel like you’re starting lose the identify of your brand throughout your organization, use these steps to get back on course:

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4 Important Snapchat Metrics Your Brand Should Be Measuring

You’ve probably been hearing more about Snapchat as a platform for marketers to explore, and for good reason—Snapchat is driving more than 6 billion daily video views, all from mobile devices.6

6 billion views (with a b). Let that sink in for a second.

That’s massive. By comparison, Facebook has 8 billion daily video views and YouTube roughly 4 billion. What’s so different though is that Snapchat’s 6 billion views are coming exclusively from mobile devices.

For marketers, there’s a huge opportunity to tap into that audience and tell new stories, as it’s not just a platform for teens anymore. Three quarters of US users are over the age of 18, and we’re seeing more people over the age of 25 joining the platform, a number expected only to grow in 2016.

But while many marketers have spent the better part of the year getting used to the platform itself, one of the biggest things that’s still confusing people is measuring success of content on Snapchat.

Fortunately, as Delmondo have built their Snapchat analytics tool, they’ve put together some of their findings from this year and distilled then into the four key metrics that will get you started:

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4 Really Under-Used Ways to Build Your Brand Via Social Media

You may already know that social media has the power to connect and engage both you and your brand with your target audience and existing customer base. But if you are still in doubt, numerous statistics point to the wide use of social media by consumers and businesses looking for the information and solutions they need for their lives and companies. This includes increasing number of people using social media beyond just Facebook and Twitter; in fact, the numbers of those using YouTube, Pinterest, Snapchat and Instagram are growing at an incredible rate while new social media channels like Periscope are gaining ground.

Are you leveraging the true power within your social media channels?

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12 Global Trends Every Marketer Needs To Know Now

It’s that time of year!
Time for Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends presentation, which this year clocks in at 213 slides. In this post has summarized the top 12 trends you need to be thinking about.
News flash: the world is continuing to change, big-time, more so and more quickly than we likely know. Asia, Android, video, images, messaging, and India are some of the drivers. Let’s jump in:

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What does a PR consultant do?

• Provides expert PR advice.
• Helps businesses increase their publicity.
• Provides PR recommendations and PR problem solving.
• Conducts PR audits.
• Promotes PR innovation and creativity, including finding new and better ways for businesses to generate media attention.
• Helps plot an organization’s next PR moves.
• Makes PR operations more efficient.
• Organizes special and media events.
• Manages media relations.
• Develops PR & promotional strategies.
• Does much more than just handle media and media relations!
Follow Dr. John B. Charnay here:

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8 activities to jump-start your creativity and beat writer’s block

We’ve all been there. Unable to call up the right words, we stare blankly at our screens and grow increasingly frustrated.
What would happen if we let the blank screen win? Instead, we can work on other tasks related to our assignment, but not the writing itself.
Would we have more success when we returned to the writing later on? Let’s find out. Here are eight related tasks to try:

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How To Check If a Brand Has Fake Likes and Followers

People use the number of Facebook likes, Instagram and Twitter followers to determine how popular a person is online. So along with the explosive use of social media to promote goods and services comes the temptation to manufacture an online presence with counterfeit likes to bolster a company’s perception of popularity and appeal.

Read how to spot the fake followers here:

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Has the term ‘newsjacking’ damaged the PR industry?

The word, describing the pegging of a campaign to a breaking event, is bothersome.

Here’s one take on how the concept has evolved.

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Why Do They Keep Picking on the Good Old Press Release?

What did he ever do? He ain’t hurt nobody.

You have to feel bad for the good old press release. Here he was, minding his own business, spreading news about new products, acquisitions and new hires, and then out of nowhere a steady stream of people, relatively new to and not completely familiar with public relations, started to attack him…

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How Microsoft Could Turn LinkedIn Into a Legitimate Facebook Rival

Every social network has a personality. Twitter is for the clever individual trying to turn current events into a punchline. Facebook is for the opinionated person who overshares details about private life. Instagram is for those who want to filter their lives through indulgence. But LinkedIn? That’s where users go to be boring.
As the internet’s corporate rolodex, LinkedIn gets the job done. But as a content network, it’s a missed opportunity. Read more on Contently:

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Create SEO-worthy Social Media Content in Five Steps

SEO potential has become an important consideration for PR professionals who want to expand their reach and increase brand awareness. Optimizing news releases for SEO has become commonplace, but where does social media fit into SEO? When it comes to search, social media posts are treated like any other webpage, so it certainly presents an opportunity for SEO growth.
Here are a few ways that you can optimize your social media content for search and SEO.

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How to find the right PR agency

PR agency size no longer matters.
Perceptions that multi-nationals have unique wide-scope capabilities and a range of experts are mistaken. Smart boutiques partner with worldwide agencies (at Think PR we partner with mc Group).
Boutiques can now compete with the giants. So it comes down to quality of talent. Boutiques boast another advantage: they’re unencumbered by a parent company that looks only at the bottom line. A parent company often hampers senior-level involvement. Size can hinder.

Read more good advice here:

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The new definition of Influencer Marketing and how brands can keep up

This great session took place at Social Media Week in Los Angeles.

David Hallisey, Vice President of Communications and Content at Petco, Matt Prince, PR & Brand Engagement Lead for Taco Bell and Justin Manfredi, Senior Director of Digital Marketing for Activision discuss how they use influencers and how that has changed over time.

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10 Laws of Social Media Marketing

Leveraging the power of content and social media marketing can help elevate your audience and customer base in a dramatic way. But getting started without any previous experience or insight could be challenging. It's vital that you understand social media marketing fundamentals. From maximizing quality to increasing your online entry points, abiding by these 10 laws will help build a foundation that will serve your customers, your brand and -- perhaps most importantly -- your bottom line.

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Communications should be two-way. Do we have a fear of these five words?

Flicked through any company literature or websites recently? Chances are that you spotted a statement about their commitment to excellent service standards or product quality.

And why not?

Communication, however, is a two-way process. It's not simply a case of putting messages out, however sincere those messages might be. If corporate communication is to fulfil its true potential as a strategic management function, it needs to encourage the ongoing intake of information.

However hardworking their teams are, organisations must still adopt mechanisms to check that their well-intentioned pledges are actually hitting the mark. At the most basic level, they need to ask their customers:

"How are we really doing?"

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Once Again, Facebook Cuts Organic Reach

7 Ways Facebook’s Big Algorithm Change Will Affect Marketers and Publishers

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Spotting Future Trends: Why taking a long view is a power tool for innovation

We would all like to believe that our businesses are at the cutting edge of our industry and understand our customer needs. But are you truly ready for disruption within your industry?

To benefit from future changes rather than becoming a victim organisations need to harness the ability to make informed decisions about the future that utilise data and trends to create possible scenarios. This strategy will help takeout some of the uncertainty that is involved with strategic planning in the future.  By harnessing future insight you will have the tools to support your business develop new growth opportunities before they go main stream, identify potential threats that could impact your market and understand how to develop new offerings to future markets at the right time. Read the full article here:

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3 tips for working with bloggers

Blogger relations is becoming an increasingly important service under the umbrella of PR.
Working with bloggers can boost your brand’s visibility on social media and in online niches. Consider blogger relations the latest addition to your next integrated communications campaign.
Here are a few tips about how to maximize your blogger relationships:

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60 minutes: Communicating in the first hour of a crisis

When a crisis breaks at your organization, you have a maximum of 60 minutes to get a statement out to the media before you start losing credibility. 'Here's a detailed outline of what to include (and what not to include) in a media holding statement when a crisis breaks.

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The Ultimate List Of Marketing Statistics You Need To Know For 2016

As marketers, we all want to know the numbers. What is working, which strategies are driving conversions, and where can I get the most bang for my buck? Below is a list of 50 incredible marketing statistics that every marketer should know and live by in 2016.

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4 Content Trends Every Marketer Should Be Following

Contently’s  West Coast Summit in San Francisco in May was the place to be if you work with content, platforms or social media in your daily life.
If you weren’t there, maybe you would like to read about these 4 insightful big trends that are shaping the content marketing industry:

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3 Ways Brands Can Use Facebook’s New Continuous Live Video

Just as communicators are coming to grips with the possibilities of live video on social platforms, Facebook throws us a new twist: It will now allow "nonstop, long-form" live video, TechCrunch reports.

Up until now, there has been a 90-minute time limit on Facebook Live streams, which are then made available to download after the stream. The Continuous Live Video option allows for 24/7 broadcasting, although there is no way to rewind the stream or download it.

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Instagram to add business profiles and an in-app analytics tool

According to an Instagram spokesperson confirmed the new business profiles, saying that “we are testing new business tools coming to Instagram in a few months.”
Instagram is also testing in-app analytics for business profiles.

Sounds great to us ! Digital marketers love data—and we will soon have more of it to track in our Instagram feeds.

Linkedin is becoming facebook %281%29 medium

don't build your brand on rented land?

Does Your Content Need a Permanent Home?

Does it need to be published on a site that you control? Or can it be “homeless” content that lives exclusively on platforms outside of your domain?
Contently created a checklist of 5 questions that will help you determine the answer:

If facebook was an emoji %e2%80%93 it would be a little sad medium

If Facebook was an emoji – it would be sad

A new Facebook reactions study from quintly shows that Reactions are hardly used.

On average Facebook Reactions have low significance. A look at the share of interactions makes it clear that 97% are likes, comments and shares. Read the whole study from quintly, a social analytics platform, here:

So far, the feature hasn’t worked. What will be the next step from Facebook – more Reactions or a slow death…?

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The best advice I was given

When starting off as an entrepreneur getting a bank connection and a handful of clients seems to be all that matters. But what business school will never teach you, is that without network, you will never succeed.
My networks lead me to not only clients, but also to the best advice I was given in my carrier. Especially this advice stuck with me.

- Charge what you are worth. You don’t want people to say; she’s quite inexpensive, you could use her. You want people to say: She’s the best, she is also expensive, but she’s great.

This is an everlasting truth. People want quality – even if it costs more, because it’s worth more. And the thing is, that if we have too many clients that pay too little, we run ourselves to death and can’t do as good a job as when we have fewer clients with bigger budgets. We need to remember to turn away clients that can’t pay what our work is worth.

- There is no such thing as a business lunch. Don’t let clients/men take you out to lunch to do business. Have your business meetings in your office. Show them you are dead serious about this, focus on your business and pay for your own lunch.

I don’t know how other people do it, but I can’t do serious business with new clients and eat lunch at the same time. I’m hungry at lunch time and I want to eat, not propose business ideas with food in my mouth. Eating with clients is for long term relationships.
- Understand what people want from you. And then give them only what is related to your business. You don’t have an obligation to dance with anyone at the Christmas party, you don’t have to drink if it makes you feel uncomfortable and you certainly don’t have to go with a client to a football game. Do it if you think it would be fun. If not – then don’t.
At that time I had already attended several events that I disliked and which made me feel uncomfortable. And you know what – I’m great at my job. Hire me because you want great, creative and upbeat PR. If you want a friend, buy someone else. If I need to be your buddy to do business with you, then find someone that is less of a professional.  

- Ask your good clients to recommend you. Ask them to pick up the phone and call just one friend/acquaintance and say; Hey, I know a great PR Agency, I use/ used them myself, how would you like to have a short meeting with them?

When you’re done stepping on your own toes and pick up that phone and ask a client to recommend you, you’ll find, that they don’t mind. They just never thought of it themselves. And even better, it works!

Do you have any good advice to share?

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Facebook Isn’t a Social Network Anymore. It's a Content Network.

Is it true and if it is, does it matter?

Adobestock 107509018 medium

The wild west of influencer marketing

Aren’t you more likely to buy a product if it’s recommended by a friend than if it’s pushed in your face by a brand? Sure you are, and this is of course why we work with influencers for our clients.

Although influencer marketing is more popular than ever, it has a serious disclosure problem. We see it every day on blogs and especially Instagram. Did you know that you can get fined if your influencer doesn’t follow the guidelines on influencer marketing? -  Influencers should clearly disclose when they are being paid.

Read more in this article from Contently:

Mixology infographic blog image medium

Alcoholic Metaphors for Content Marketing got it right: Marketers are particularly fond of both booze and metaphors. Put them together, and you've got a winning recipe. Check out the infographic and article here:

Fall in love with the idea  not the product medium

Kill Your Darlings

This article about startups is one of my favorites. ‘You love the idea you started with. The product must serve that purpose. If it doesn’t, kill it’.  - A must read for all startups  

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What's the best brand on social media?

Intoxicated by March Madness and a nostalgia for Grantland’s ridiculous brackets (“Which Tom Cruise is the Best Tom Cruise?“), the Contently edit team decided to blow off real work last week and answer a very important question: Which branded social media account is the greatest of all? Check it out here:

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10 Content Marketing Buzzwords You’re Going to Hear Way Too Much This Year

Yes, content marketing is about telling stories, building relationships, and growing your audience, but it’s also about using so many buzzwords that you wonder what kind of monster you’ve become.

This existential alarm is all part of the job. The important thing is to be conscious of the horrible buzzspeak that’s spewing out of your mouth, lest you find yourself one day on stage wearing an orange jumpsuit and telling everyone about the value-adding revolution in conversation marketing.

Here are 10 content marketing buzzwords to watch out for the rest of the year

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happy easter

We'll be leaving you for a few days to celebrate Easter. We will be back on Tuesday March 29th - fresh and relaxed!

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another shortlisting!

First we took silver in the ‘Campaign of the year’ category at Danish Digital Award, now we are shortlisted at Danish Internet Award (DIA), Denmark’s largest digital award, in the category ‘Social Media Strategy’. Exciting times! Check out our campaign here:

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Mobile-Only Content: The Next Big Marketing Trend

You’ve probably heard of the “mobile gap”: Mobile usage is exploding, but publisher ad revenue isn’t keeping pace. At the same time, though, another gap has opened. This one is between the time that consumers spend on mobile and marketers’ commitment to mobile content. Read more on Contently:

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Print’s dead — but so is digital

The Financial Times has, if there was any doubt, pronounced the newspaper business deader than a doornail. But its more advanced point was pronouncing the digital news business at the point of death, too…
…Despite the online world’s crowing about advertising growth, and the belief of many publishers that online ad revenue would surely replace offline, the per-view price of a digital ad continues to drop, and ever-more ad dollars are concentrated with Google and Facebook. Now, to boot, there are ad blockers: nobody ever has to see a digital ad. Read more in USA TODAY:  

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silver winners!

We are very proud to win silver in the ‘Campaign of the year’ category at the Danish Digital Awards 2016!  We won with our campaign for the 100 year celebration for Women’s equality and right to vote. The tender was given by the Danish Government and the Ministry for Children, Equality, Integration and Social Affairs.

You can read our case and see the video here:

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How to Maximize Your 2016 Content Budget

An in-depth checklist from Contently for how to get a bigger budget (and what you should do once that happens).

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Kommunikations- og PR praktikant søges

Har du lyst til at prøve kræfter med PR- og kommunikationsbranchen?
Kan du skrive, og er du dygtig og detaljefokuseret?
Har du en bred viden og interesse for sociale medier, corporate- og livsstils- PR?

Hvis du kan svare JA til det hele, er det dig, vi skal bruge! Vi søger 1-2 kommunikations- og PR praktikanter - allerhelst i 5 måneder med start omkring august/september 2016. Praktikstillingen er en fuldtidsstilling og skal indgå som en del af dit videregående studie.
Vi søger en praktikant, som har mod på at kaste sig ud i PR- og kommunikationsbranchen, og som gerne vil lære, hvordan man bruger de forskellige PR-redskaber i praksis.  
Du skal arbejde med et bredt udvalg af kunder: private som offentlige, store som små, indenfor mange forskellige brancher som fx design, finans, tech & fødevarer.  

Vi forventer, at du:
• er fuldstændig flydende i dansk skrift og tale
• har gode engelskkundskaber
• har en grundlæggende viden om, hvad der rør sig i medierne og på gader og stræder
• har analytisk sans, og er god til at danne dig overblik over tunge stofområder
• har journalistisk sans og skriver hurtigt, godt, klart og letforståeligt
• forstår sociale medier og hvordan man bruger dem
• er udadvendt og har mod på at tale med rigtig mange forskellige mennesker hver dag
• er selvstændig, voksen og ansvarsbevist
• har en masse engagement og lyst til at lære

Dine opgaver vil spænde bredt. Vi vil bestræbe os på, at du kommer til at lave mest af det, du synes bedst om. Men du skal igennem alle typer af opgaver, så du kan lære mest muligt.
Du vil blive koblet på specifikke kunder, så du får mulighed for at følge et kundeforløb og de dertilhørende opgaver. Samtidig vil vi præsentere dig for forskellige typer af opgaver, du kan støde på i kommunikationsbranchen, så du når hele viften af ydelser rundt.

Vigtigst af alt, vil du komme til at deltage i alt, hvad vi laver i vores hverdag. Og du vil komme til at skabe en masse målbare resultater for vores kunder.

Er du vores nye praktikant, så send din ansøgning til Karin Nørgaard på e-mail: 
Praktikantstillingen er ulønnet!

Ansøgningsfrist hurtigst muligt.

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Generation X is sick of your bullshit

Generation X is tired.

It's a parent now, and there's always so damn much to do. Generation X wishes it had better health insurance and a deeper savings account. It wonders where its 30s went…

In fairness, Generation X could use a better spokesperson. Generation X hasn’t had a real voice since Axl got fat…

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Instant Articles is a game changer for Facebook. But will it remain good news for news outlets and us, the news consumers?

Facebook will now open instant articles for everyone, but focusing primarily on publishers. Facebook is tightening the grip on distributing news and keeping the content directly on Facebook instead of on the news outlets’ own channels.

The upside? For users this means articles loading almost instantly and no need to go to other web pages. The downside? Facebook flexes its muscle on the flow of news we get to see in our feeds.

Big players have already signed up to Instant Articles including New York Times, Guardian, BBC,Bild, Spiegel and Buzzfeed

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Five Things Everyone Should Know About Public Relations

The public relations industry does a terrible job of public relations.

Very few people can explain what people in public relations really do. If you’re a cop, a construction worker or a cowboy, everybody knows your job function.  (If you’re a cop, construction worker and a cowboy who hangs out with a guy dressed in leather, you’re in the Village People.)

Luckily Robert Wynne made a guide to help the general public understand public relations and how to use these skills. Read it on Forbes:

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8 Valentine’s Day Marketing Campaigns That Aren’t Boring

So many Valentine’s Day ads are cheesy and played out: women swooning over roses, singletons spooning Ben & Jerry’s into their mouths, guys popping the question with diamonds the size of apples. 

Luckily, some advertisers decided to think outside of the heart-shaped chocolate box this year. Check them out at right here:

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Danish Digital Awards

We are proud to be shortlisted for ‘Campaign of the year’ at Danish Digital Awards 2016. Keeping our fingers crossed!

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Is it Content. Is it Advertising. Is it Irrelevant?

Very interesting point from Josh Black, CEO GroupM Content Asia Pacific. “ Consumers (real people) don't care what we call it, they just want to be educated, entertained and engaged”. Do we really need all these terms? Read the article here:

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Everything we know about Facebook's new reactions

We'll probably never get a true "dislike" button on Facebook, but the social network just started to roll out the closest thing we've seen yet.

Reactions, a new feature for Facebook's ubiquitous Like button that allows you to respond to posts with emoji. Facebook won’t give a specific date for when Reactions will be introduced in the U.S. and around the world, just that it’ll be “in the next few weeks”.

So how does the button work? The easiest way to think about Reactions is as an extension of the existing Like button. The feature works with any post on Facebook where you see the Like button. Long pressing (or hovering over it with your mouse if you're on a desktop browser) will open up a panel of six different reactions you can add to a post. The first is, of course, "like," followed by "love," "haha," "yay," "wow," "sad" and "anger."

Read more on Mashable:

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Content Marketing Is So Last Year

Let’s face
it, influencers will run 2016 - “For
content publishers, it’s no longer about driving eyeballs to a news site’s
homepage. It’s about distributing one’s content throughout the media and social
spheres (where the audience resides) with the hope they’ll return to the
story’s native environment (for more effective monetization)”. Read more on Forbes:

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2016 - we're loving you already!

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Dear Clients, Family and Friends!

Dear Clients,
Family and Friends,

What a
year! It’s been fun, fast and at times frustrating – but it all came together
and we can now look back at an absolutely fantastic 2015.

We’ve worked
on so many great campaigns, but one stands out. In 2015 we won the tender for
the 100 year celebration for Women’s equality and right to vote. A campaign
with a message so close to our hearts.  

The tender was given by the
Danish Government and the Ministry for Children, Equality, Integration and
Social Affairs. The government wanted the celebration to actualize what
equality, democracy and community participation mean to the individual

We built the
campaign, together with Thinkhouse, from the bottom up with the development of
the idea, concept, planning, PR, marketing and the execution of the celebration
of the 100th anniversary of women's right to vote and stand for election.
Read more about the campaign here:

We brought in 100 ambassadors
who made 100 speeches. We can’t thank the 100 ambassadors enough for bringing
attention to this special birthday – THANK YOU for all your hard work, your enthusiasm
and willingness to share the message with your friends and followers. Because
of you, 2 out of 3 Danes are aware that in 2015 we celebrated the 100th
anniversary of women's right to vote. That’s
quite impressive, we think.

a very special thank you to all our great clients – we love working with you
and your fantastic companies. We are very proud to continue into 2016 with all
of you and to have added a couple more clients to the family in 2016.  Wow, we’ve had some fun meetings and great
successes in 2015.

but never least, thank you to our wonderful colleagues and our work families; Thinkhouse
and our new friends from work, FFW. It’s been fun, let’s kill it in 2016!

very merry Christmas to you all and remember to party in true Think manner for
New Years!

the best,


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This week’s favorite reads

Oh yes,
it’s finally that time of the week!

So far, 2015
has been a big year for paid social media. With paid social evolving so
quickly, which trends should brands pay attention to? Which ones can have
the greatest impact on advertisers’ bottom lines? Here are the four trends
marketers who work with paid advertising won’t want to miss:

People assess an individual's worth with appearance, apparels, apartment,
and automobile not with account or unseen wealth that is accumulating in the
bank or equity market. Same applies to businesses,
branding attracts target audience more than the balance sheet of a company,
that's why smart businesses never overlook Public Relations (PR) in today's
highly competitive world for effective branding and image building. In fact, PR
is even more crucial for the enterprises than fund raising in the current

This is why businesses should adopt PR
to adapt changes and adept branding:

The cost of unhappy customers - Fifty-one percent of customers have switched
brands due to bad service experiences, and 81 percent of them say the brand
could have prevented it. Here are some tips to step up your customer service

Let’s wrap
it up with a quote:

“I don't care what they say about
me as long as they spell my name right.” –Unknown

Have a
great weekend!


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PR isn't just a pretty face - Baby got backup numbers to demonstrate ROI

Traditionally, PR professionals were tasked with reaching targeted
audiences, increasing brand visibility and raising awareness of brands or
campaigns. Today, driving revenue has become just as important, which means
proving ROI is also part of the PR mix. In
fact, proving ROI is the biggest challenge faced by PR and
marketers alike. How can we showcase PR’s value in a way that is meaningful to
the C-suite? Metrics, of course! But which ones? 

Read more from CNW
Group here:

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This week’s favourite reads

Just lean
back, we got you. We collected some of this week’s best reads for you to browse through.

If you already use Ads Manager to create
and manage Facebook ads, getting started with Instagram ads is easy – it’s just
like creating Facebook ads. In fact, all you need is a Facebook Page. If not,
here’s how to begin: How to Create and Run an Instagram Ad Campaign, According
to Instagram

Communication is increasingly visual, and
infographics have become an essential element for marketers, PR practitioners
and other professional communicators. Here are seven terrific tools for creating these
data-driven visuals: 7 great infographics platforms
for the design-challenged

Social Media marketing is tough, you need to juggle long term goals and
stay up to date with recent trends. If you want to know what a day in the life of a social marketer looks
like from 8 am-8 pm, this is a good article


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2016 resolutions

So watch out!

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PROUD to be number 2!

The Danish marketing trade media has done the math and made a Top 10 over the Danish advertising-, digital-, design- and PR agencies and their social channels and amount of followers. We are PROUD to come in as number 2 in total amongst all the Danish agencies and as number 1 on Twitter!

We may be small, but we’re still a specialist agency!

Jan Christiansen, Chief Sales Officer at Newsio and former country manager for Facebook in Denmark and Nordic Head of Social with Bates Y&R doesn’t have much appraisal for the Danish agencies work on social - and he is right, we can do much better. But this quote from Jan we cannot let pass:  
”Think PR is the agency among the 10 that best has managed to position itself as thought leader …”

Thank you, we’re working on it!

Read the article here: (Danish only)

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Survey: More execs want PR pros handling their brand’s social media

The new darlings in the world of corporate social
media are public relations and communications pros. A growing number of U.S.
advertising and marketing executives favor those specialists over other
corporate departments for social media savvy – and we just have to agree with
those execs! Read the survey at


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This week’s favorite reads

So much great content and so little time! Here are some of our favorite reads this week:

- Oh isn’t this just one of our pet peeves: The road to hell is paved with adverbs - 4 editing tips to make your content rise and shine

- Too many marketers do not understand exactly what pitfalls to avoid when running a digital marketing campaign, thus they end up building an under-performing campaign: 5 digital marketing campaign mistakes to avoid  

- These are awesome. Sign me up I want a 360-degree video ad too! See the First 360-Degree Video Ads on Facebook

We’ll throw in a little fun fact as well, mostly since we just got a new website ourselves: “46.1% of people say a website’s design is the number one criterion for discerning the credibility of the company”. Source: Hubspot Marketing

Have a great day!

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Many a small thing...

And we might just be the right agency for you. Contact to hear more.

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We're on the move

We're moving, but not far! 

From tomorrow the Think office kan be found on Silkegade 11, 2. sal, 1113 Copenhagen K, Denmark. We hope you will drop by for a coffee, a dance or just some good communications advice. See you at Silkegade!

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Stop Complaining about Your PR Firm

Here’s How the Media Works:

Let's eat kids let's eat  kidsuse a comma.saves lives. medium

Use a comma and save a life!

This is why commas are important.

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Friends pay Friends

By Karin
Noergaard, Founder

Freebies coming your way! ...No, not
really. But I bet you're giving them away - right?

‘Oh no. We
invoice our hours; we are very clear about that’. Yeah, sure you do.

Friends pay friends

But how
about that coffee you grabbed with your friend who just got that new job in
that big company and just wanted a few pieces of advice? You know, that hour where
you gave it all away, all that great advice you have worked hour after hour,
year after year to master to perfection.

I bet you
even threw in a few media contacts per email afterwards. But she was a friend,
you know. A good friend, you couldn’t really refuse to answer when she asked so
politely. Or could you?

Sure you can
and you should. How about ‘That’s a really good question, and I would love to
give you the whole insight on this and a few ‘to do’s’ to push you in the right
direction. But to keep it serious, since this is what I do for a living, maybe
I should come by your office one day and we could talk about how you can use my
knowledge for a fair hourly fee’?

Best vs. cheapest

And what’s
up with you invoicing pennies from the clients that actually have the money to
pay? You know what I’m talking about. That high profile client that for sure
will attract many more clients who – of course – will pay more money than you
can ever spend. So actually it’s an investment in your business, so the pennies
you get are kind of an extra bonus, ‘cause all of the high profile clients will
come running, just as soon as they see what a fantastic job you are doing for
Mr. High-Profile-penny-paying-time-stealing-ignorant.

No. Never.
The clients that pay pennies are never worth it. They talk the talk, but NEVER
walk the walk. The only walking they’ll be doing is to the next agency who’ll
give it away for pennies. There will be no referrals, no thanks and definitely
no respect.

You are
great, you work hard and you among the best- so how about this for a referral;
‘She really good, but also a little expensive’. Will that keep clients away –
no! Everyone wants the best, so from now on; you will be the best not the

Do something today that your future self will thank you for.subscribe to our newsletter! medium

Subscribe to our newsletter!

Not only is the newsletter about PR, Social Media, Digital and current trends, it's also about US! So what's not to like :-)

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we wish we said that

This is one of favorite PR quotes. Do you agree?

Social media is making your business fail medium

Social Media is making Your Business Fail

By Karin Noergaard, founder

Your business is failing because you’re on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+,
LinkedIn, Tumblr, this, that, something over there and maybe even a WordPress

Guidebook jungle

‘Social media can help grow you business’;
‘Facebook is a start-up must’, ‘Social reputation comes before advertising’. All
those articles popping up everywhere are making you desperately download and
read through any guides with ‘10 tips for Facebook pages’, ‘when’s the best
time to tweet’, ’How to get followers’, ‘Google+ for businesses and many more.

Besides reading all the good advice
you need to know how to manage every site, find or develop great, entertaining
yet clever content and update every single site every single day with different
content – and in the weekends too.

Every guide you have ever read, which
would sum up to around 100, says that the worst social media blunder is to
update too little and too boring content – oh, don’t forget too much content is
also wrong and never ever just retweet Mashable because absolutely everyone
does that.

You need to find content that has
never been published before but still is relevant and great. Even better -
write your own, share you knowledge, preferably in the form of an easy
to-do-guide with 5 simple steps or through a podcast.

While you’re tending to your social media

So you’re up all night, because your
workday is too short, reading all the guides. You’re creating those great blog
posts summing up everything everyone else is saying, but in a new and
compelling way of course, just waiting for new clients to discover your
knowledge and great wit.

At the same time your current
clients are rolling their eyes and slamming the door behind them when leaving,
because as amusing as your last Facebook post was, it didn’t measure up to all
the jobs you left hanging while learning how to measure social media ROI.

In other words - there are not
enough business hours in the world to learn everything about every single
social media site. You will never, ever be able to do it all by yourself.

So pick one social media, an easy
one that you actually like, do it the best you can and that will be good

And if your business wasn’t failing
for spending all your time on social media, you should hire a community
manager. Now that’s a good investment!