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We work strategically with communication and combine our professional expertise 
with creativity and many years of hands-on experience.


With focus on critical thinking, analysis, and practical skills essential to developing and implementing communications strategies, we advance your company or organization’s goals and mission.

PR that strengthens your company’s image can help you improve your market share, get the message you want public, or change the company’s image internally and externally. Our approach to strategic communications involves systematic planning and realization of information flow, communication, media development and image care in a long-term horizon. It conveys deliberate messages through the most suitable media to the designated audiences at the appropriate time to contribute to and achieve the desired long-term effect.

We provide new methods of outreach, consistency and coordination, as well as more professionalism to your corporate-, market- and internal communication.


Our success in the field of public relations is based on our deep understanding of the interests and concerns of each of our client's many publics. As public relations professionals we know how to effectively address those concerns using the most powerful tool of the public relations trade, which is publicity.

We can assist you in communicating the good stories to the press while helping you keep the not so fortunate stories out of the press – or at least handle them professionally. We construct an exciting angle for the media and we do it with the right timing and with thorough follow-up.

With the right angle we capture the attention of the media and influencers and make sure that your company’s message reaches the intended target group.

Think PR helps you communicate your mission and vision, provides strategic advice and ideas. We identify your company’s PR potential and develop your communications strategy and plans. We provide all copywriting, media lists and take care of all press handling as well as influencers.


At Think we are experts in trends and consumer behavior.

It requires special skills to launch a new product in a lifestyle setting, develop new concepts or position brands, products and place companies in the ideal context.

We have the network and experience to build reputations and brand awareness. We base our communication on both the classic communication disciplines as selecting the right target group, strategy, copywriting and research. Preferably we involve influencers and digital elements such as social media in our campaigns.


We create your online appearance and develop ideas that will bring your brand or cause in the center of the conversation.

For us, the digital world is seen as a fully integrated part of the client’s communication and business goals. We advise and develop your online solutions.

Think is your go-to agency for content development, strategy, community management, design, apps and campaigns.


Get your messages across with a carefully planned and effective campaign.

Our campaigns have a well-defined message, exact target group, is run over a strategically selected time period and with multiple communication platforms.

We have a wide experience in developing and implementing both large and small campaigns for public as well as private companies and organizations.

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Thinkhouse is our advertising department. Together we develop strategic and creative advertising campaigns with a PR twist. Thinkhouse is specialized in communication, partnerships and consumer activation. Read more at

Case Study

Opel first image small


As Opel Denmark’s PR agency, we were asked to develop a PR and influencer strategy to accompany a digital branding campaign. The German carmaker has been facing a gap between their current innovative and award winning product launches and how the consumers perceive Opel today. Simply, they have identified a need for talking to those, who do not have Opel as their preferred brand. Especially the younger target group of social climbers and mainly men aged 25-40 years old and the family segment. In order to create a relevant campaign to that specific target group, Opel Denmark decided to base the campaign on their latest car launch; The Astra Sports Tourer (a station wagon).

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Jaybird first small


Launch of Jaybird in Denmark to media and athletes. 

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I do 30 first image small

I DO 30

We were asked to create and activate Novozymes’ first customer-centric campaign with the main purpose of generating engagement and debate around the global climate change and CO2 emissions, among politicians and throughout the general public. Together with Thinkhouse we built an extensive information campaign, a nationwide PR strategy, a social media platform as well as events which aimed to enlighten consumers regarding carbon emissions and global climate change. 

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Make music social first small


Ultimate Ears was looking for a way to showcase its speakers’ durable design, and how the speakers are made to bring people together to enjoy music whenever and wherever. The target group was influencers.

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Thinkpr betfair 08024 small

Brøndby IF and Betfair

With ten League titles, six Danish Cups, two Danish League cups and four Super Cups to their name, Brøndby are one of the most successful teams in the history of Danish football. They have been a mainstay of the Danish topflight for over 35 years. The Brøndby team has featured internationals and legends of the game over the course of their history; Michael Laudrup, Brian Laudrup, Peter Schmeichel and Kim Vilfort to name but a few. Brøndby are one of the standard bearers of excellence in Danish football.

Brøndby understand that the links between the club, the fans and the local community are what make it successful. At Brøndby, football means family. Fans are vocal, committed and supportive of the club and the club responds in kind. Our job was to help Betfair activate their sponsorship of Brøndby IF. 

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100yrs women first image small


We won the tender for the 100 year celebration for Women’s equality and right to vote. The tender was given by the Danish Government and the Ministry for Children, Equality, Integration and Social Affairs. The government wanted the celebration to actualize what equality, democracy and community participation means for the individual citizens.

We built the campaign, together with Thinkhouse, from the bottom up with the development of the idea concept, planning, marketing and the execution of the celebration of the 100th anniversary of women's right to vote and stand for election.

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Think has a wide network of partners with whom we run PR, social media campaigns and day-to-day monitoring across Europe.

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